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Indonesian Government Supports the Palestinian People


By: Zakaria) *

The suffering of the Palestinian people as a result of Israeli atrocities prompted the Indonesian government to immediately help them. Indonesia’s support is very meaningful, because in fact Palestine is in need of a lot of funds and the most important thing is support from other countries. So it is hoped that the UN Security Council will act immediately.

Palestinians mourned again when Israel attacked indiscriminately. They were immediately criticized for being impolite after shooting at the Aqsa Mosque compound. Even though it was the month of Ramadan and at night of course there was tarawih prayer in congregation. Meanwhile, the people fought only by throwing stones and it was not in balance with the Israeli soldiers who used modern weapons.

Israel’s atrocities clearly violate human rights and they also want to expel the Palestinian people from the disputed territory. They even want to remove the map of Palestine from the world map . Therefore, the Indonesian government is taking a firm stance to support Palestine.

President Joko Widodo immediately responded after Palestine was attacked. He emphasized that Indonesia would support Palestine and urged the United Nations to act swiftly in dealing with this conflict. Because only the United Nations has the authority in this case, and there should be no interference from other parties.

Meanwhile, Foreign Minister Retno Marsudi stated that Indonesia will continue to be committed to creating peace in the Palestinian territories. In addition, there will be assistance in the form of independent observers who will be neutral in observing the elections there.

Retno continued, the most important aid is financial and the government has prepared at least 2.3 million USD to be sent to Palestine. This assistance was welcomed by the Palestinian Foreign Minister. They certainly need large funds for the logistics of the population and the cost of renovating the buildings that were destroyed by Israeli rocket attacks.

Apart from the government, the Indonesian people are also united to raise funds for Palestine. This aid-raising is coordinated by zakat and charity organizations, as well as one ustad who is also a hafiz. Even the ustad claimed that he raised billions of money and was ready to be sent, to help the Palestinian people who were in financial difficulties.

Why do Palestinians trust Indonesia so much? First, they consider us brothers because previously Palestine was the first to recognize our independence. Second, the majority of the people of Palestine and Indonesia have the same beliefs, so they are considered brothers in the faith.

Moreover, Indonesia is a member of the UN Security Council so it is considered to have an important role in managing the conflict between Israel and Palestine. So that if President Joko Widodo urges UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres, he will obey and immediately reconcile the heated situation on the border between Israel and Palestine.

If this conflict is not immediately handled by the United Nations, it is feared that it will trigger war between countries. This will be very dangerous because it will spread everywhere, where the world will become 2 camps. Namely those who side with Israel and the other side that is pro-Palestine. It is feared that there will be a third world war if this crisis continues.

Hopefully the UN will immediately respond and deploy officers to guard the borders of Palestine and Israel, so that no one attacks the people there anymore. Because if they see UN troops they will be afraid, they will hesitate, and cancel the vomit of bullets or rocket attacks. Because the UN is considered to have a higher authority and rank.

The Indonesian government is always with the Palestinian people so that they can become independent from Israeli colonization. This support is very influential because it will make the United Nations and the international community side with Palestine, and condemn Israeli atrocities. Palestinians will be able to live in peace when Israeli soldiers no longer enter the border area and attack arbitrarily.

) * The author is a citizen living in Bogor

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