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3M is the Key to Success in Controlling the Rate of Covid-19


By: Sihabudin )*

The community was reminded again by the Task Force (SATGAS) to handle Covid-19 to continue to implement strict health protocols. Because the main key in breaking the chain of spreading covid-19 is implementing 3M, namely wearing masks, maintaining distance and washing hands.

Wiku Adisasmito as spokesperson for the Covid-19 Handling Task Force said adherence to health protocols could be more effective in preventing transmission if it was done collectively and not done alone.

He pointed out that several international journals stated that washing hands with soap can reduce the risk of transmission by 35%. Meanwhile, wearing a cloth mask can reduce the risk of transmission by 45% and wearing a surgical mask can reduce the risk of transmission by 70%. And most importantly, keeping a minimum distance of 1 meter can reduce the risk of transmission by up to 85%.

Therefore, the public must believe that every effort currently made in implementing 3M will yield results. As long as it is consistent and collectively makes behavior changes in carrying out health protocols in a disciplined and serious manner.

On different occasions. Presidential Chief of Staff General TNI (Purn) Moeldoko visited Central Java as one of the priority provinces for handling Covid-19 according to President Jokowi’s direction.

When meeting with the Governor of Central Java Ganjar Pranowo in the governorate, Moeldoko was seen wearing a t-shirt that said ‘Maskeran Den, Discipline Niku Vaksin’.

Moeldoko explained that his presence in Central Java was to see first hand the efforts made by regional leaders in overcoming this pandemic. In addition, it also looks for solutions if there are obstacles that occur so that this pandemic can end soon.

On this occasion, Moeldoko invited Central Java residents to remain disciplined in implementing health protocols such as still wearing masks, maintaining distance and others to avoid covid-19 transmission. The slogan “Maskeran Den, Discipline of Niku Vaccine” was used by Moeldoko to campaign for health protocols through a cultural approach.

Moeldoko said that he tried to raise it from a cultural side as an approach to make people aware. That using a mask of discipline in applying 3M is very important in protecting oneself.

Meanwhile, Ganjar welcomed Moeldoko’s presence to campaign for 3M and discipline wearing masks, because the Covid-19 outbreak in Central Java has not ended. According to him, this is a form of attention and attention from the central government to the people of Central Java to always be orderly in implementing health protocols.

The governor, who is currently undergoing his second term, also explained the strategy for handling Covid-19 that he has done so far. According to him, the Central Java provincial government has succeeded in controlling the rate of spread of Covid-19. In addition, the cure rate for Covid-19 continues to increase.

He also appreciated Moeldoko’s presence who encouraged the people of Central Java to fight against the pandemic. He hopes that Central Java residents everywhere will always be screened in applying health protocols in every activity.

Not only from the health side, in the meeting, Ganjar also explained the steps that have been taken to overcome the economic impact of this pandemic. According to him, the people of Central Java are very creative, so that various innovations in the people’s economy have emerged.

Changing behavior to adapt to new habits is still a challenge. The National Task Force Public Communication Team, Doctor Reisa Broto Asmoro, said that there were still those who were not disciplined in implementing this. He invited all parties to wash their hands with soap and running water with discipline as an adaptation to new habits.

The 2019 BPS survey data recorded that the proportion of the urban population that has hand washing facilities with running soap in Indonesia is still below 80%.

One of the pillars of 3M, namely washing hands is very important, considering that part of our body is a medium for carrying germs. Because more than 1000 types of germs, be it bacteria, viruses and fungi can be carried into our hands.

The pace of Covid-19 must indeed be controlled, but this certainly requires collaboration between the central government, local government and the community. 3M implementation shows not only compliance, but also a concern for the health of oneself and those around them.

)* The author is active in the Kendari Community Literacy Forumc

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