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5M Prokes Discipline to Prevent the Transmission of the Second Wave of Covid-19


By: Reza Pahlevi ) *

The second wave of covid-19 transmission that occurred in India should not occur in Indonesia. To prevent this, the community must be more disciplined in adhering to health protocols and implementing 5M. Don’t even take it easy because corona can lurk anywhere.

We have been through the Covid-19 pandemic for a year and we don’t know when it will be finished. What happened was that there was a second wave of corona transmission that occurred in India, because the people were determined not to wear masks and did not keep their distance. In the end, hundreds of people became victims and the covid-19 virus had multiple mutations, making it spread more quickly.

We should be aware of the existence of this second wave of corona attacks, because do not let this incident also occur in Indonesia. India and Indonesia are somewhat similar in that they are both in Asia and have a large population. However, we should not imitate their indiscipline in adhering to health protocols.

Reflecting on India , the health protocol is something that must be obeyed if you want to survive corona. The existing protocol is not only 3M, but 5M. Namely washing hands, maintaining distance, wearing masks, and coupled with reducing mobility and avoiding crowds.

The point of crowd avoidance protocol is very important, due to the fact that many still do it on the grounds that it is safe to wear a mask. Even though it could be that the masks are dirty so that they are not maximally able to hold back the droplets that carry the Covid- 19 virus . Do not let us end up like India because they hold ritual events together, then they also get busy.

The crowd in Indonesia varies, from markets to highways. Don’t even come to him on purpose because we don’t know who the OTG is there. When there is transmission of the virus it can infect humans. Do you want your body to feel weak and your sense of smell disappear because of being a corona patient? The answer is of course not.

We are also expected to be self-aware and not crowd out. For example weddings, there is no need to have a large party, but enough consent to be granted at the KUA or in the mosque. Guests may come but are prohibited from shaking hands directly, and food is brought home in boxes so that no one takes off their masks because they will eat a buffet.

In addition to avoiding crowds, when approaching the holiday, going home is strictly prohibited, on the grounds that mobility will increase corona transmission. This prohibition was made because in the reflection of last year’s long holiday , there was always a 100% increase in the number of corona patients. After a vacation, I get sick, who wants it? You must be shaking your head.

Don’t even be desperate to go home and violate other health protocols. Because when there was a rapid mass l test , the result was that 50% of the travelers were positive for corona. Fortunately, he was caught so he could be quickly treated at the hospital. What if they trick the officers by going home in the middle of the night? Finally, I just found out that I got corona and passed it on to parents.

When parents finally get corona, they are at high risk because there are comorbidities. Do you want them to lose their lives, just because of welcoming their families back home? In fact, if you don’t go home, you will protect your parents and relatives from the risk of covid.

Moreover, the number of corona patients is increasing, from a total of 1.5 million to 1.7 people. Meanwhile, more than 4,000 patients per day. This addition is really not proud because it shows the indiscipline of society.

Never forget the 5M health center so you don’t get corona or transmit it. Now everyone can be suspected of being an OTG. So never remove your mask when you are outside, and adhere to other protocols.

) * The author is a contributor to the Cikini Press Circle and Students

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