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5M Prokes Discipline to Protect Yourself from Mutations in the Spread of Covid-19


By: Halimatusya’diyyah ( Citizen of South Tangerang City)

More than one year of the Covid-19 pandemic in Indonesia is still not over. The government has echoed many ways to reduce the spread of the number of positive cases of Covid-19. Starting from the #DirumahAja hashtag campaign to socializing virus prevention with the 5M Health Protocol , which is wearing a mask, washing hands with soap and running water, maintaining distance, staying away from crowds, and limiting mobilization and interaction.

Many Indonesians understand the symptoms of Covid-19. Although many studies also say that Covid-19 can occur without symptoms. However, the discipline in implementing health protocols still fluctuates. Recently, several media have informed that there is a potential for the emergence of a second wave of Covid-19. Therefore, the discipline to implement health protocols must be reinforced.

Until now, the Coroan Virus tsunami is still hitting India with a total of 22.3 million cases, even the health facilities provided are lacking and the health room cannot contain the growing number of patients. Indonesia must be able to make India’s current condition a lesson in order to prevent a similar incident. The government and society must always be vigilant in carrying out activities, especially outside the home.

Meanwhile, Indonesia is still in the top 10 total deaths due to Covid-19. In this case, it is necessary to do self-planting to continue to implement health protocols and support government programs related to accelerating the handling of the Covid-19 pandemic which has long been promoted.

The government has also facilitated the community as an option to fight the spread of Covid-19 through vaccination. As the government has done, the Covid-19 Task Force (Satgas) reports that at least the number of recipients of the first dose of vaccination has now reached 13,340,957 Indonesians whose aim is to increase immunity in the body.

Although quite a number of people have received vaccines, this cannot be used as a fixed price for disobeying health protocols. The Corona virus continues to maintain itself by mutating. In addition, people are starting to ignore health protocols.

It can be seen from this month of Ramadan, that many people are waiting to break the fast in a place without wearing masks without even maintaining a distance. If allowed to continue, it could become a serious threat to the Indonesian nation.

People must always instill in themselves that this country has not been completely free from the Covid-19 pandemic . Implementing health protocols is mandatory for all elements of Indonesian society. This was done to prevent the spread of Covid-19, which has the potential to mutate and be difficult to control. If the community is not disciplined towards 5M, then this pandemic will continue to rampant in the Indonesian population and the number of Covid-19 cases will continue to grow.

Comply with all government policies and regulations regarding the handling of the Covid-19 pandemic . Protect yourself and your family and others by adhering to the 5M health protocol.

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