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Active Society Needs To Prevent Covid-19


By: Teguh Prabowo )*

We are still in a pandemic due to Corona. This vaccine-free disease has claimed the lives of many people. So that there are no further victims, there needs to be attention and activeness from all elements of society, to work together to deal with the Covid-19 virus.

From the beginning of the pandemic, the president had instructed people to obey rules such as wearing masks and maintaining hygiene. They are also required to keep their distance and may not hold events that invite crowds of people. These regulations are effective in preventing the transmission of the Covid-19 virus.

To support the government, all elements of the community should also help by taking care of their respective environments so that they remain orderly and in accordance with the rules. At the gate of the housing and village area is provided a place to wash hands, so that residents who have gone out of their way can be maintained hygienic. If necessary, a booth is made to spray disinfectant liquid.

If there are several paths to enter the village, then it can be ported by the RW pack, leaving only 1 place for entry and exit. This is to minimize foreigners who enter the settlement and may be a Corona carrier.

This concern is not only from RT and RW level officials, but also from fellow neighbors. Do not let when someone hit Corona, even ridiculed and exiled from the environment. Supposedly, patients can be helped to get treatment at the hospital as soon as possible. In order to recover quickly and not spread to his family. When the Hospital turns out to be full and the patient must be treated as an outpatient while in self-isolation, then assistance can be given in the form of food and beverage supplies that are hung on the fence of his house.

Assistance from fellow neighbors can also be in the form of food and other staples. Especially in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, many lost their jobs, making it difficult to shop. In front of the mosque or RW hall, a board can be installed as a place to hang rice, sugar, or vegetables. People who are in need can take sufficiently and those who have excess can give as much as they can. No need to wait for social assistance from the government, but people can donate according to their own abilities.

Children are also still studying at home because they are the ones who are prone to contracting the Covid-19 virus. So teaching is still through the online system, if it can be done until January next year. When things are really safe. The principal also must not force students to attend school in July, because their safety is more important. He should support government policies to continue school at home.

Offices and factories also began to reopen. The employees work again after previously working from home. Office managers should also comply with health procedures to prevent transmission of the Covid-19 virus. Among these employees should not be excessive overtime, come to work in turn to be able to obey the rules of physical distancing, must wear a mask, and in the office must be sprayed disinfectant every 4 hours.

The police as community guards also enforce rules to prevent the spread of Corona. So when you are arrested for being caught driving without wearing a mask or reckless driving with jostling, do not be angry. They just want the whole community to obey the rules of the government. Because all of this is certainly made for the sake of our common safety.

Not only the president, the minister, and officials, but all elements of society can help to prevent Covid-19 transmission and deal with it. Obey the health protocol, at least wear a mask. In the settlement there must also be a place to wash hands or hygiene room as a place for spraying disinfectant liquid. All this was done so that the Covid-19 virus would not spread more in Indonesia.

)* The author is a contributor of The Jakarta Institute

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