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Adaptation of New Habits Becomes Hope Overcome the Impact of the Covid-19 Pandemic


By: Riski Adam (Chair of the Semarang Regional Independent Social Media Activist Forum)

The Covid-19 pandemic that hit many countries in the world including Indonesia has forced people to adopt a new lifestyle. This is in accordance with the new normal protocol issued by the World Health Organization (WHO) some time ago. This new lifestyle is known as the “New Normal” or now it has been changed to a New Adaptation that was put into effect as long as the Covid-19 vaccine has not been discovered.

Now the Indonesian people are required to change old habits and behaviors that lead to adaptation to cultivate a clean lifestyle according to health protocols so that they can continue to carry out normal activities while preventing the occurrence of Covid-19 transmission.

People are allowed to return to their activities, but are required to adhere to applicable health protocols. In addition, the era of New Habit Adaptation requires each individual to shift to a new social life pattern that affects business and the business world.

Given that the Covid-19 pandemic has a major impact on the economy, according to data from BPS which notes that household consumption fell from 5.02 percent in the first quarter of 2019 to 2.84 percent in the first quarter of this year. Therefore, currently a number of markets, shopping centers, malls and transportation facilities are starting to operate again, of course, by still following health protocols. This was done in order to keep the wheels of the economy of the people disrupted by Covid-19.

There are still many people who are not familiar with this adaptation. Apart from changing our mindset and applying the right physical distancing independently, we also need to care for others. This is a challenge in the New Habit Adaptation era, besides taking care of ourselves, we must also take care of each other so as not to cause an increase in the transmission of Covid-19 again.

There are several challenges that will arise in implementing the New Habit Adaptation in society. The first challenge is the diverse understanding in society regarding how to carry out the New Habit Adaptation. It can be said that the overall understanding of this New Habit Adaptation order is still low in the community. The second challenge is the absence of public awareness to implement good and correct behavior in the new normal life order.

The name adaptation or change will definitely cause confusion. Coupled with knowledge and information that is not evenly distributed, as well as confusing information that reaches the public. In addition, fear of Covid-19 transmission can also be a challenge for implementing New Habitual Adaptation. Especially so far, people feel safe when they do more activities at home. Those who tend to be more introverted, more withdrawn by nature, then to face the outside world again will raise anxieties.

Another challenge occurs in children who have to adapt again to teaching and learning activities, as well as social friendships who have to apply special health protocols that have never been done before.

Individual confidence in carrying out health protocols needs to be built through wider and more intensive socialization through various media. An understanding of the importance of correct health protocols needs to be inculcated massively and sustainably, both by the government and fellow elements of society. In addition to socialization, to instill this individual belief, psychoeducation is needed through various counseling by a number of parties who are equipped with qualified knowledge.

Belief in the views of society, especially important people around them, will reinforce or even weaken one’s intention to implement health protocols. If the surrounding community supports, even facilitates a person to implement health protocols in the New Habit Adaptation, he will not hesitate to run it over and over again. In fact, he felt increasingly accepted by society when he did it.

Conversely, when family, neighbors, superiors, coworkers, or friends are hanging out and think health protocols are excessive or ‘overdone’, someone around them will also feel reluctant to do it regularly. When vigilance behavior is used as a material for jokes, even ridicule by the surrounding community, a person will feel ashamed to implement health protocols.

The adaptation of new habits can run effectively if the community is willing to comply with and consistently carry out the established health protocols together. It is hoped that all levels of society can understand and carry out this new life order as well as possible so that they can continue to have normal activities but avoid the spread of the Corona Virus. Therefore, let’s build a healthy and strong nation in the face of the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic in order to achieve the goal of a just, prosperous and advanced Indonesian independence.

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