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Adhere to Health Protocols during Pilkada


By: Afrizal )*

This December there is a thrilling regional election, because it was held during the pandemic period. The election date has been postponed but in fact the corona is still lurking. People are asked to be more vigilant and obey health protocols during regional head elections.

The 2020 direct regional head election (Pilkada) was held with a bit of shaking because it is still haunted by the corona. But we can’t postpone it anymore, because it will mess up the administrative schedule. All we can do is adhere to health protocols, both for voters and committees. So that everyone is safe and a new corona cluster is not formed.

Member of the Election Supervisory Agency (Banwaslu) Mochammad Affifudin stated that discipline in adhering to health protocols is the only option for successful pilkada. Even people who don’t obey will be refused entry to the building during the election. Banwaslu and the pilkada committee need to act decisively so that everyone is disciplined.

The committee plays an important role in the success of the pilkada with health protocols. Before voting, he must choose a roomy building, so that voters do not crowd. The seats must also be spaced or an X so they are not occupied. In front of the voting location, there is also a hand washing container with antiseptic soap, not ordinary soap, so that the results are clean.

In addition, according to KPU regulations, the committee must wear a mask, face shield and disposable gloves. He is also strictly prohibited from shaking hands with anyone. Also obliged to maintain a minimum distance of 1 meter. It is better if the consumption for the committee is not coffee or tea, just mineral water that can be sucked with a straw, so there is no need to remove the mask.

During the election, voters must wear a mask, not just a face shield. He must wash his hands in the space provided for at least 20 seconds. Wash your hands also with running water and antiseptic soap, so you can’t just spray with hand sanitizer. Because washing hands is more effective at killing germs and viruses.

When entering the election building, the public must be checked with a thermo gun, so that they can be sure that their bodies are healthy and have no fever. In the location, don’t take off your mask, because there are a lot of people in it. It’s best to avoid physical contact and don’t chat, even with close neighbors, because people tend to take off masks when talking.

Voters should also bring their own pens. The point is to sign attendance and punch ballots. Before voting, he was given disposable gloves, and after that his fingers just dripped with ink (not dyed like before). Make sure that the gloves are damaged before they are thrown away, so that later they are not used by those who find them.

Strict health protocols are mandatory. Because according to Sonny Harry B, Head of Behavior Change for the Covid-19 Task Force Team, there are 11 high-risk areas that hold Plkada. Meanwhile, there are 180 regions that are at moderate risk. When everyone is disciplined, there is no formation of a new corona cluster.

The community is also asked to cooperate and support the committee’s performance. Because their work was doubled and it was much more tiring, because they had to prepare hand washing containers, thermo guns, etc. Watching and monitoring the elections during a pandemic is physically and mentally draining. Respect the committee and adhere to health protocols. For the safety of many people.

The covid-19 pandemic has not delayed the regional elections for a second time. Pilkada can still be implemented but on condition that it must comply with health protocols. Don’t forget to wear a standard mask and never take it off because it’s hot. Remember that this is still a pandemic. Do not let a new corona cluster form after the election is over.

)* The author is a contributor to the Jakarta Student Movement (Gema)

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