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All Ethnic Archipelagos Unite to Create Conducive Bali for the Smooth G20


By: Putu Raditya )*

The entire ethnic archipelago has a very strong commitment and continues to intensify inclusive consolidation in order to unite to create a Bali environment that is much safer and more conducive than before. All these efforts are to ensure the smooth implementation of the G20 Presidency of Indonesia.

The culmination of holding the Group of Twenty (G20) Summit will be held in mid-November 2022, which is the 15th to the 16th, which means that the time is getting closer and the days are only counting.

In the implementation of Indonesia’s G20 Presidency, it is appropriate for all parties to be able to assist and support the succession and smooth running of the event. No exception to the entire ethnic archipelago in Bali in particular. They have a strong commitment to unite and oversee this prestigious world-class forum.

The chairman of the Bali Ethnic Archipelago Communication Forum (FKPEN), Anak Agung Bagus Ngurah Agung, emphasized that it is indeed obligatory for the entire series of G20 Summits to be held in Bali so that all ethnic Nusantara residents living on the Island of the Gods can maintain their security.

In fact, in many meetings held by FKPEN itself, related to how the process of securing and ensuring the smooth running of the G20 series of events is very often discussed. According to him, one of the factors that determine the success of an event is the safety factor which is the most important. Especially if the context is Bali, where the most selling thing there is the tourism sector, which also means there will be a lot of people walking around, then it is undeniable that the safety factor is very crucial to be absolutely certain.

Furthermore, the man who came from Puri Gede Karangasem added that because members of the various ethnic groups of the Archipelago are already Balinese, they seek a lot of livelihood and earn a living from Bali, of course, all members are obliged to fully support the celebrations in Bali. , such as holding the G20 Summit.

Several concrete things have been done by FKPEN itself related to efforts to maintain security in Bali. One of them is that they are very actively involved in socializing government programs, especially regarding preparations for the implementation of the Indonesian G20 Presidency because later in the country there will be many leaders of the delegations of G20 member countries coming directly.

Not only that, but the administrators of FKPEN have also held several face-to-face meetings to coordinate and improve inclusive integration with the Bali Police, the Intelkam section. The chairman of FKPEN emphasized that no matter what, his party will continue to strive to create a very conducive situation in Bali.

Then there were also several divisions of roles that were carried out, which for the heads of the association and also the leaders, it was hoped that they would be able to do more socialization to their citizens and also carry out control. Because the succession of organizing the G20 Summit is a shared responsibility that must be shared together as well. This large international scale event will of course also bring the name or image of Indonesia, especially Bali itself in the eyes of the world.

Therefore, it is very important to maintain this positive image in the eyes of the world for Bali and Indonesia itself. Because later, if the world feels very confident in Indonesia, it is not impossible that there will be more golden opportunities to be able to make the country much more developed in the future towards a developed country.

On the other hand, if it turns out that the implementation cannot be carried out by continuing to maintain a conducive situation, then the world will also look at the bad image of Indonesia and Bali, so that investors will think twice if they want to invest in this nation, which will also have an impact. will hinder the acceleration of national economic recovery.

Ngurah Agung again stated that it is not only the entire ethnic archipelago that is obliged to maintain security and a conducive situation in Bali, but this should also be supported by ethnic immigrants who are now living on the Island of the Gods. The process of taking care of each other and also controlling each other is very important.

With a strong commitment that has been carried out and even implemented concretely by FKPEN, including also providing a lot of socialization to other ethnic immigrants, this turned out to be very successful in bringing commitment from all parties more broadly and in the end indeed maintaining the security of Bali is a common interest. .

The spirit of unity and unity gathered by all ethnic Nusantara (FKPEN) in Bali is not only used functionally such as being able to maintain and ensure security and conduciveness in Bali for the success of the G20 Summit, but also a miniature reflection of the motto Bhinneka Tunggal Ika that applies in Indonesia because it turns out that even though they come from various backgrounds, this nation is still able to live in harmony side by side in a common goal and continue to be together.

)* The author is a contributor to the Press Circle and Cikini Students

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