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All Vaccines Are Effective Against Covid -19


By: Andhito Bramantyo )*

The government continues to guarantee the availability of the Covid- 19 vaccine for the community. The public is also expected not to worry about the quality because all vaccines are effective against Covid-19.

The national vaccination program that started early last year has been quite successful. At least 20% of Indonesian citizens have been injected twice and have received protection from Corona a. They are enthusiastic when they will be injected because they want their immunity to increase and vaccination is also one of the requirements if they want to travel far.

There are many Covid vaccines produced by different manufacturers, for example Sinovac, Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZanec a . In the first period, the priority was given to national vaccinations for health workers, using the Sinovac vaccine, while in the next period using AstraZaneca.

So which vaccine is the most effective? Should we be picky about vaccines? According to Bill Powderly, a health expert and director of the Institute of Public Health at Washington University, Corona vaccines are very effective in doing what they want to do, namely protecting people from serious and deadly diseases.

Bill added that the Corona A vaccine also prevents the worst, as in the case in the US state of Missouri. When there is a death from the Covid- 19 virus , it occurs because the patient has not been vaccinated. While those who have been vaccinated, even though they have to be hospitalized, are safe and recover quickly.

So, we do n’t have to be picky about vaccines because all of them are effective in warding off the dangers of Corona a. Even if you are still exposed to it after vaccination, then that’s because your immunity is dropping and the vaccine will only cause the body to only get mild symptoms, then you’ll be healthy. The body will not feel suffering such as shortness of breath, dizziness, fever, and so on.

Although the vaccine efficacy varies between AstraZaneca, Sinovac, Moderna, Pfizer, it is important to get vaccinated. So there is no need to delay vaccination with the excuse that there are only AstraZeneca health centers or hospitals, while we trust Sinovac more.

The reason is that those who were vaccinated in the first period, with Sinovac, were healthier. Then, when there is news that the Moderna vaccine will enter Indonesia, then that is what we are waiting for. Whereas this vaccine is prioritized for health workers, not for the general public.

There is no need to delay vaccination for this and that reason. Indeed, the efficacy is different but equally effective against Corona a. Instead of waiting for the Moderna vaccine to arrive or being lazy to queue for vaccinations because there is only AstraZaneca, the body condition actually drops . Then come into contact with OTG and then get Corona a.

Don’t forget the bitter fact that Corona a delta variant has been circulating in Indonesia, and this is a mutated virus, so it is more virulent and attacks quickly, it can also spread only by passing OTG. Instead of contracting Corona a delta variant, then suffering and having to be treated for at least 14 days, it’s better to protect yourself by vaccination.

Moreover, vaccination is 100% free for all Indonesian citizens, so take this golden opportunity to increase immunity from Corona a. Getting the vaccine is also easy, just register at the designated health center or hospital. Although there must be a queue for vaccination and there is a maximum number in a day, this is all due to avoid crowds.

If there is an opportunity for vaccination then take it immediately. Don’t be picky about vaccines and be fanatical about certain vaccine brands, because you have to get an injection as soon as possible. The reason is that the more delays in vaccination, the percentage of getting Corona a delta variant will increase. Therefore, hurry up and register at the Puskesmas to get the injection.

)* The author is a contributor to the Press Circle and Cikini Students

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