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Anticipating Post-Eid Covid-19 Spike


By: Muhammad akbar) *

After Eid, we should be aware of the spike in Covid patients, because there are some people who are desperate to go home. Even though mass mobility can spread the corona virus. To anticipate this, it is mandatory to comply with the 5M health protocol. Also keep maintaining the cleanliness of the body and the environment as well as body immunity.

During Ramadan, the community has been strictly prohibited from going home and the border area is closely guarded by the authorities. However, some people are desperate to return to their hometown and they use the sense of the mouse deer, crossing the border at sunset or before dawn. Because at that time the officers were taking a break, so the border post was rather loose.

Proven prediction task force team covid-19 is really happening, kar ena at least 7% of people desperate to return home, Then they tested the rapid randomly and the results are surprising because at least 4,000 people were positive corona, so it should get out of the way and isolated in the clinic. This could lead to an increase in the number of Covid patients in various regions.

Health Minister Budi Gunadi Sadikin asked all regional heads to anticipate and prevent an increase in corona cases after the long holiday. One of the steps that can be taken is that they must pay attention to the availability of health facilities in their respective areas.

In that sense, do not let there be a hospital in an area but the number of ventilators, PPE, and other medical devices is lacking. Because severe corona patients cannot be ordered to just isolate independently at home. He needs intensive care in the hospital and medicines and supporting equipment must be complete.

Budi continued, the Ministry of Health will monitor the availability of medical devices, the capacity of corona patient beds , and hospital ICU rooms in all regions. This will help anticipate the handling of a very high spike in corona cases, which may occur in the regions. In that sense, the Minister of Health has predicted that there will be an increase in corona patients because there are those who are desperate to go home, then try to anticipate it.

Why is there still an increase in the number of Covid patients even though there are already rapid tests on the streets? The reason is for those who did not get a random test and it turns out that OTG, will transmit the corona in the village of hala man. They don’t realize that they are sick and suddenly they are already in a bad condition when they are infected.

Likewise with parents and relatives in the village. If you are not disciplined in wearing masks and in constant contact with OTGs who come from the city, you will also be infected. Finally there is an increase in the number of corona patients. This is evident from the increasing number of covid patients throughout Indonesia, and according to data from the Covid-19 task force team, the total number is 1.7 million people.

We certainly don’t want to be corona patients, right? Even though you are not going home for Eid, don’t be careless about preventing the transmission of the Covid-19 virus. First, you must strictly adhere to the 5M health protocol: wear a mask (according to WHO standards), wash your hands or wear a hand sanitizer , keep your distance , plus avoid crowds and reduce mobility.

What should take precedence is the protocol to avoid crowds. We must firmly reject all forms of halal bi halal invitations and not hold open houses . All partners and neighbors must understand because it is still a pandemic period. So, even though the house is next to each other, they still stay in touch via virtual call .

We have to be careful and don’t let a new corona cluster form after Eid. Because there are some people who are desperate to go home and eventually increase the number of Covid patients. In addition, be disciplined in wearing masks and adhering to other health protocols, and avoid crowds or not making a crowd at home.

) * The author is a contributor to Pertiwi institute

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