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Anticipating the Second Wave of Covid-19 with Vaccinations and Prokes Discipline


Cidiss.co, Jakarta – Covid-19 cases in Indonesia are still happening. Data from the Committee for Handling Covid-19 and National Economic Recovery (KPCPEN) noted that as of May 21, 2021, new positive cases of Covid-19 were recorded at 5,746. The total number of confirmed patients with Covid-19 is currently 1,764,644 people.
Epidemiologist from the University of Indonesia, Tri Yunis Miko Wahyono, said that currently new variants of Covid-19, namely the Indian, British, Brazilian, South African variants and variants in Indonesia itself have been found in Indonesia.
“The case in India is because they neglected the prokes after vaccination. Public euphoria because cases have dropped, ignore the process. This is like what happened in Indonesia. Euphoria during Eid in shopping and tourist centers. It could be that the Covid case exploded like India, “said Tri Yunis in the Radio Teen Kitchen Interactive Taks Show 107.8 FM with the theme” Anticipating the Second Wave of Covid by Tightening Health Protocols and Covid-19 Vaccination “, Friday (21/5).
To prevent the possibility of Covid-19 cases from spiking after Eid, according to Tri Yunis, there are two steps that must be taken. First the vaccination program is accelerated. Second, increasing social distancing or social interaction from moderate to heavy status.
“PPKM that is currently being carried out is light social distancing. WFH works 50 percent but not according to the letter of assignment regulations, mall operations are opened 50 percent but opening hours are still normal, restaurant operations are 50 percent but cannot be identified, “he said.
He suggested that during PPKM, people enter malls or other public places to register online. So that it can effectively limit social interactions.
Regarding the vaccination program, according to Tri Yunis, it will prevent the transmission of Covid-19 if the coverage has reached 80 percent of the target population of Indonesia.
“Cases dropped after vaccination. The first phase of vaccination reduced the number of Covid-19 cases. “The second phase of vaccination will decrease more,” he said.
According to Tri Yunis, the status of the Covid-19 pandemic will decrease to endemic if the second stage of vaccination has been carried out. If it is endemic, cases will disappear three or four years later slowly.
“Vaccination will be carried out in 2021, cases will decrease but not yet endemic. Maybe 2022 will just be endemic. Hopefully the vaccinations go well. If it does not go well, it means that the plague will remain, not yet endemic, “he said.
The chairman of the Depok City Indonesian Journalists Association (PWI), Rusdi Nurdiansyah, said that the media supports the government in controlling the Covid-19 pandemic.
“Journalist friends are actively socializing and reporting on Covid. Maybe it could be an example for journalists throughout Indonesia at the national level. Yesterday, PWI Depok was invited to a tourist spot, in Ancol, which was previously reported by a lot of visitors on the first and second day of Lebaran. According to our observation, Ancol has implemented strict rules, the government has clearly given policies, only public awareness must be made aware of it, “said Rusdi.
However, PWI is optimistic that herd immunity through the National Covid-19 Vaccination program will soon be realized. He also emphasized that the media should continue to socialize the health program discipline to reduce Covid-19 transmission.
“In principle, the discipline of prokes comes from the government, stake holders, and the community. Public awareness is important because if the government only keeps on socializing it but the people don’t care, it won’t work. Examples of tourist attractions, how fast the government makes and enforces the rules, without public awareness there is a buildup of people. As in Ancol, Ragunan and Pangandaran. Come together to enforce the rules, “he said.

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