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Appreciate the Quick Steps for Handling the KST Papua Terror Action


By : Timothy Gobay )*

In dealing with the increasingly frequent KST terrors, the TNI AD is taking swift handling steps. The number of soldiers was increased so they could assist the Cartenz Peaceful Task Force Team in eradicating KST. The TNI’s move was praised by the people of Papua because the security forces are truly friends of the people and think about the safety of the people in Cendrawasih Land.

Papua is an area that is quite volatile because of the KST problem there. This separatist group wants to become independent from Indonesia and does not recognize the central government in Jakarta. Various terrors were carried out, ranging from propaganda, threats, to shootings. KST is very arrogant to the point of underestimating the strength of the security guards in Papua.

KST eradication is the focus of TNI soldiers. The reason is because they have disturbed the sovereignty of the country. The Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia is fixed, so that when there is a group that wants to become independent from Indonesia, it must be eradicated from its roots.

Especially when KST led by Egianus Kogoya burned the Susi Air plane and took the pilot and passengers hostage. TNI soldiers were immediately deployed to assist the Cartenz Peace Task Force Team in a rescue mission so that the victims could return safely. The number of soldiers was also increased so that Papua would be safer and KST could be crushed by the security forces. 

The Chief of Staff of the Indonesian Army, General TNI Dudung Abdurrahman, stated that his party dispatched troops to Papua to deal with KST terror acts through Halim Perdanakusuma Airport, Jakarta. He immediately came there to provide moral support.

 TNI General Dudung Abdurrahman added that TNI troops were dispatched to deal with KST in Paro District, Nduga Regency (which was the location of the burning of the plane and the kidnapping). The target is to find KST and free the hostages.

The community appreciates the steps of Army Chief of Staff General Dudung Abdurrahman who is very concerned about the mission to free the hostages who were kidnapped by KST. The TNI is committed to releasing them safely. Papuans who are still related to the victims are of course anxiously waiting for the news, and they are optimistic that the victims will be released quickly thanks to the services of TNI soldiers.

Moreover, among the kidnapping victims there was a baby, and he was most worried about his condition. It is hoped that the arrival of additional troops from the Indonesian Army will facilitate the Cartenz Peace Task Force Team in their mission to rescue hostages as well as eradicate KST.

Meanwhile, Deputy V KSP (Presidential Staff Office) for Law, Security and Human Rights Jaleswari Pamodhowardani explained that KST was very brutal, therefore the apparatus had to act and thoroughly enforce the law on KST.

Jaleswari added that KST deserved to be arrested because they disturbed civil society. They also damaged public facilities and health facilities. Finally, KST had the heart to attack medical workers in Kiwirok and caused casualties, even though at that time they were on duty to check the health conditions of the people there. Therefore the arrest of KST by the authorities is fully supported.

The presence of security forces is always on standby in Papua, not to ‘turn’ it into a military operation area, but to maintain the security of the people in Cendrawasih Land. In addition to the officers who are usually on duty, they are greatly assisted by the Carstensz Peace Task Force which is specifically deployed to hunt down KST members. The members of the Task Force are the best sons of the nation who are willing to go to the forest to defend their country.

The Carstensz Peace Task Force actually went down directly to look for the KST headquarters, because they were guerrillas to the middle of the wilderness and mountains. Papua’s geographical conditions which are still green are favorable for them to hide. So that KST has to be very careful to find the KST headquarters, especially since the bases are not just 1 but many and scattered around.

In the press release of the Cartenz Damai Peace Task Force, it was stated that the joint team of TNI and Polri succeeded in mapping the hiding places of KST members. The location is not only in Intan Jaya, but also in Iwika, Mimika and other areas. With this mapping, fishing will be more structured and predicted to be successful.

The joint military and police officers were indeed assigned to assist the Carstensz Damai Task Force in the arrest of KST. The goal is to ensure the security of residents is really maintained. Don’t let KST escape and shoot civilians and another tragedy occurs because of the many victims.

With the addition of the number of TNI soldiers in Nduga Regency, it is very good because it adds to the strength of the Cartenz Peace Task Force Team. They can devise a strategy to make KST easy to find and then take regular firm action. With so many soldiers participating in dealing with KST, it is hoped that the hostage victims will be released soon, because KST has surrendered.

The Papuan people appreciate Army Chief of Staff General Dudung Abdurrachman who swiftly sent troops to Nduga Regency, on a mission to rescue victims who were taken hostage by KST. They will assist the Carstensz Peaceful Task Force Team and eradicate KST together. All Papuans pray that the victims are safe, and that TNI soldiers carry out their duties properly .

)* The author is a Papuan student living in Gorontalo

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