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Appreciating President Jokowi’s Leadership


By: Zakaria) *

President Jokowi’s leadership has again received praise from the public. This appreciation does not only come from within the country, but also from abroad.

Since the old order era, we have had a President many times. Mr. Jokowi is the 7th president of Indonesia. His appearance was phenomenal, because he became RI-1 without a political elite background or descent. However, President Jokowi is still loved by the people, even though his basics are ordinary citizens, because he makes various policies that benefit his citizens.

President Jokowi is the only one who is idolized by the people of Indonesia and they are fans because he is very populist and likes blusukan. Not only Indonesian citizens, but a professor from Singapore also appreciated his leadership. The professor’s name is Kishore Mahbubani, and he extends various compliments to our beloved Mr. President.

First, Kishore reveals the fact that President Jokowi can embrace his political opponents. The proof is that Prabowo Subianto, who used to be a rival during the presidential election, has even become Minister of Defense. This shows that President Jokowi does not want revenge, instead giving him a position that is in accordance with Prabowo’s basics as a retired soldier.

In addition, Sandiaga Uno, who had been Prabowo’s vice presidential candidate, was also given the position of Menakerpraf. Even though Sandi is basically an entrepreneur, he is also considered to have mastered the tourism sector, and is proven to have fresh ideas to enliven tourism in Indonesia again. for example the work from Bali program.

Kishore also united citizens in politics, and all Islam-based parties began to become inclusive. Pancasila emphasizes unity in diversity. In a sense, he does not discriminate and embrace these parties, even though the basics of the parties are different. Pancasila has also succeeded in becoming a unifying force, and President Jokowi uses it, especially in the precepts of Indonesian unity.

Meanwhile, Kishore also revealed that President Jokowi is focused on eradicating poverty. This was done not only in 2020, aka during the pandemic, but also since the beginning of his first term (2014). In 2016, the government formalized land ownership, so that people could easily manage their land certificates.

Apart from that, there are also pre-employment cards and other programs made for the people. Such as the Healthy Indonesia Card and JKN which help underprivileged people to get treatment. Then there are social assistance and various other programs to help people survive in the midst of a pandemic.

Kishore also praised the ratification of the Omnibus Law, as a universal law that is very beneficial for the people. It is the people who benefit because thanks to this law, investment in Indonesia is intensified and foreign investors are interested in doing business in our country. So that it can reduce unemployment and move the wheels of the economy fast.

Appreciation from the Singapore professor indicates that we are not wrong in choosing the president. In his 2nd term of leadership, President Jokowi has proven to be a populist and listens to voices from the grassroots, and does not discriminate among his citizens. Our president is the only leader who is loved by the people.

President Jokowi’s leadership style is not authoritarian at all, in fact it shows true democracy. He wants to listen to input from the people, either directly or via social media. So that every problem can be solved and problems in society are helped thanks to the President.

The appreciation from Singaporeans shows the greatness of President Jokowi and he is truly a genius leader, because he is able to embrace all groups and embrace political opponents. In addition, he also listens to the voices of the people and provides various assistance, so that people’s lives will improve.

) * The author is a citizen living in Bogor

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