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Appreciating the G20 Summit’s Security and Guard Strategy


By : Bimo Ariyan Beeran )*

Many strategies have been prepared in an effort to increase security ahead of the G20 Summit (Summit). This step also needs to get appreciation from all parties who show the professionalism of the Indonesian Government which is committed to the success of the event.

Ahead of the implementation of the G20 Presidency, it is very important for all parties to be able to support the successful implementation of this prestigious international event. In particular, it is ahead of the peak event which will soon be held in Bali on November 15-16, 2022.

One way to be able to support the success of holding the entire series of G20 events until their peak implementation in the middle of this month, is to create a safe and conducive atmosphere in Bali. It is undeniable that this effort must be a joint effort of all elements of society.

To be able to maintain or create an atmosphere to a safe and conducive situation, it will indeed be very difficult if it turns out that you do not get full help and support from all parties. Even if for example only the government itself did it, of course it would be impossible to say.

So it is not surprising that the Secretary General of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights (Kemenkumham), Komjen Pol Andap Budhi Revianto explained that all elements of society must be able to unite their hearts and minds to fully support the entire process of organizing the G20, starting from before the implementation, during the implementation until after the peak implementation. the presidency.

According to him, if the atmosphere can be maintained stably to be safe and conducive, then it is not impossible that the G20 Summit itself will proceed as expected and be able to minimize the possibility of things that could not be desired from happening.

For information, there are already many tasks and roles that are shared by the government, especially in certain ministries that are still related to the implementation of the G20, especially for the Ministry of Law and Human Rights itself has responsibilities even in several committee fields at once.

The Ministry of Law and Human Rights in the national committee of the Indonesian G20 Presidency was given the task; The Minister of Law and Human Rights is the member in charge of logistics and infrastructure, which cannot be underestimated at all because its role and existence is very important.

Then for the Deputy Minister of Law and Human Rights himself as a member in charge of the health sector. The reason is that for now, the COVID-19 pandemic itself cannot at all be declared to have disappeared 100 percent from the world. In fact, the WHO is still urging to improve health protocols and never abandon it. Of course, the implementation of the G20 should not become an event that allows the spread of COVID-19 to occur again, especially since there will be many meetings of delegates, who incidentally come from many countries.

Furthermore, the Director General of Immigration in his role at the G20 Summit becomes a member of the Secretariat for Event Organizing Support. These officials from the Ministry of Law and Human Rights are mandated to be in very important positions in the G20 national committee, which in their work must be executed in total and also complement each other.

This is also a number of efforts from security strategies to safeguarding the implementation of the G20. Including how the Ministry of Law and Human Rights is assigned in terms of immigration services, because Indonesia will have lots of guests from abroad, of which they are delegates from friendly countries. It should be noted that immigration itself can be likened to the initial gateway of a country, from which the world public has actually begun to pay attention to what Indonesia’s performance is in carrying out the G20 Presidency, it is clear that there are many hopes that a very positive contribution can be made to support the succession of the event. the.

Komjen Pol Andap Budhi Revianto added that a lot of G20 member countries will come to Indonesia, including other world bodies, of which the estimated data are around 12,705 participants. According to him, the large number of delegates who came to the country must be anticipated, especially in terms of service implementation and also good immigration control.

Even in anticipating the possibility of a surge in foreigners in Bali, the Ministry of Law and Human Rights itself has made a lot of preparations with various steps and strategies. The first thing that can be done is to improve services, especially when foreigners come in and out at the airport. The goal is that it is not easy to build up and overcrowding, in fact his party will prepare additional counters along with other regular counters.

The second step is to prepare the number of human resources for immigration officers. At least the government will increase the number of officers to 64 people, including an increase in supporting devices. Furthermore, there is an escort which is also an immigration service, starting from the arrival to the return of the delegates. And there is an increase in anticipation of the potential for misuse of visas or overstays.

It is undeniable that all parties must unite in increasing security and maintaining the atmosphere in Bali. Various strategies have been prepared by the government through the Ministry of Law and Human Rights. All of this is for the sake of continuing to maintain the conduciveness of the sustainability of the G20 forum.

)* The author is a contributor to the Nusantara Reading Room

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