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Appreciating the Government Providing Free Covid-19 Drug Packages


By: Zulkarnain )*

The provision of Covid drugs for the underprivileged is highly appreciated by the community. In addition to easing the burden on the people, the free Covid-19 drug package is expected to accelerate the recovery of people exposed to the Corona virus.

The pandemic hit all sides, especially the economy. People who are already confused about their daily costs, if they are exposed to Corona, they will immediately feel weak . The reason is because only those who have BPJS cards whose hospital fees are borne by the government. Meanwhile, some are unable to pay their dues, and when they have to self-isolate because the medicine is considered expensive for some people.

To overcome this problem, the government provides Corona medicine packages to those who can’t afford it, and it’s 100% free. Minister of Health Budi Gunadi Sadikin stated that the Ministry of Health, in collaboration with 11 telemedicine platforms, would provide free consultations , plus free medicines and vitamins as well. This package is specifically for Corona patients who are self-isolating.

How to get consultations and drugs are also easy, stay meng- install telemedicine applications and then create a new account. There are 11 applications to choose from. Then, the consultation will be carried out via online and carried out with a valid and experienced doctor.

Meanwhile, to get free medicine, the condition is that the patient is registered with the Ministry of Health. They will receive packages in the form of drugs and multivitamins, and are served by pharmacies as well as online. The government cooperates with a number of pharmacies to make it easier for the community.

It is hoped that online consultation will make it easier for both patients and doctors, because it avoids contact between patients and health workers. In addition, online consultations also save time in queuing, unlike in clinics. Medications that are administered online also make it easier, because patients who are self-isolating are also unable to go out of the house to buy them.

The public really appreciates the government’s move to provide free medicine and vitamin packages for Corona sufferers . First, beds in hospitals are often full and patients who show mild symptoms are only told to self-isolate. However, the weakness is that isolation is certainly difficult if no one provides medicine, so the medicine package will make it easier for them.

The provision of free drug packages certainly greatly relieves patients, especially many whose economic conditions are shaky during this pandemic. So that they are expected to no longer have trouble when they have to redeem drugs at pharmacies. The government is very concerned about its people and wants all patients to recover, then the pandemic will end gradually.

Moreover, drug packages are also delivered to patients who are self-isolating, so they are not confused about how to get them. To go to the pharmacy is certainly not possible for fear of transmitting Corona to many people. So you can use a courier who delivers the package to the fence .

The provision of free Corona drugs is expected to increase the patient’s recovery rate. Because not all who are self-isolating get attention from their families in the form of food and medicine. When someone is suffering alone and their family is far away, they will be very grateful to be sent medicine and vitamins from pharmacies appointed by the government.

The government wants the pandemic to end quickly. Therefore, people who are self-isolating are given free medicine and multivitamins. So it is hoped that they will recover quickly and are not confused because the price of the medicine is quite draining. Also, not everyone is able to pay BPJS, which bears the costs of Corona patients .

)* The author is a citizen living in Banten

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