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Appreciating the Organizing of Homecoming 2022


The community appreciates and is satisfied with the implementation of the 2022 homecoming because there are not many significant obstacles found. The implementation of the 2022 Eid homecoming is expected to be able to release the homesickness of relatives at home and at the same time trigger economic recovery affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Eid in 2022 is very special because people can go home, after 2 years in a row they can only celebrate Eid at home. They are happy because they can go home and sungkem to their parents. Hari Raya becomes more beautiful because you can shake hands with relatives and neighbors.

Finance Minister Sri Mulyani stated that Eid is a moment of forgiveness and gratitude. We are grateful for being able to celebrate Eid together after two years of restraint. Let’s enjoy Eid with gratitude and still obey the health protocols.

The government continues to echo the health protocol even though the pandemic has lasted for more than two years. The proof is that when people obey health protocols and have been vaccinated three times, the number of Corona patients has dropped dramatically. According to data from the Covid Task Force Team, at the end of April 2022 there were only 300 patients per day. Therefore, the government allows people to go home.

The community appreciates the government’s move for allowing them to return home. Moreover, the implementation of the 2022 homecoming is very safe and smooth. The government has implemented various strategies to prevent congestion. The first is the odd-even rule that has been applied since the beginning of the homecoming flow, thereby reducing road congestion.

People who forget or don’t know the odd-even rules are not told to go home but are diverted to other roads. In this way, everything will be orderly and there will be no significant traffic jams, which can create emotions and disrupt the atmosphere of the streets.

In addition, there is also a one-way rule so that the homecoming flow also runs smoothly. The public can also monitor online via the web or application, so they choose which route is subject to the one-way rule. They help the government because they want to be orderly on the road and use advanced technology so they don’t get stuck in traffic jams when going home.

One of the travelers, Reza Anggraini, stated that he was happy to be able to return to his hometown to Purbalingga. This moment is something to be grateful for after two years of being hindered by the pandemic, especially in the middle of last year, Covid cases were at their highest.

The smoothness felt by the travelers dispelled the fear of some people who were afraid that going home would be in traffic jams because of the euphoria of the travelers, who had not returned to their hometowns for two years. In fact, it’s a smooth ride. The streets are busy and there are no accidents when going home.

The community appreciates the implementation of the 2022 homecoming because it went smoothly. There are no stories of severe traffic jams like what happened in the pre-pandemic period. Moreover, it is supported by infrastructure, namely the Trans Java toll road which stretches for 10,000 kilometers, from West Java to East Java. So that the journey becomes faster and smoother.

Moreover, the Trans Java toll road is also equipped with a representative and comfortable res area for short breaks. People can park their vehicles there and sleep so they don’t get sleepy while driving. After that they can go to the bathroom that is available and continue their journey.

The community appreciates the implementation of the 2022 homecoming which is going very smoothly as a form of government accommodation for the aspirations of residents who want to celebrate victory day with their families. The public is also advised to always be careful on the road so that they get home safely.

Abdul Syukur, Author is a contributor to Pertiwi Institute

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