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Appreciating the PPKM Policy Can Suppress the Spread of Covid-19


By: Ismail )*

The public appreciates the extension of the Implementation of Community Activity Restrictions (PPKM) until October 18, 2021. It is hoped that this policy will always be accepted by the community because it has proven effective in suppressing the spread of the corona virus.

We have lived a pandemic for almost 2 years and the government is trying hard to make this bad situation over quickly. One of the ways is through PPKM, which started in mid-2021 until now. When PPKM is enforced, there are some restrictions, for example, those who may enter the mall must have been vaccinated and there is a maximum capacity in public places, such as restaurants.

Coordinating Minister for Marives Luhut B Pandjaitan stated that the PPKM was extended until October 18, in all regions. In the sense not only in Java and Bali, but also other areas in Indonesia. Although the number of corona cases has decreased, PPKM is still in effect, because if it can be reduced to only 0% of transmission.

Dicky Budiman, an epidemiologist from Australia’s Griffith University suggested that the PPKM should continue to be extended, even as long as the pandemic has not been lifted globally. Even policies that invite citizen mobility must be considered wisely. In a sense, even though there is a decrease in Covid cases, it does not mean that everyone is free to drive and travel out of town, for fear of euphoria which will increase the number of corona cases.

Dicky added that there should be no relaxation during this PPKM period. The reason is because Indonesia needs a multilevel strategy, which is realized in the PPKM level. In addition, this program is also good for preventing an increase in cases that lead to the third wave of covid attacks, because there are already predictions from experts.

The third wave of corona attacks is indeed predicted to come at the end of the year, because there is already a pattern that is read in waves 1 and 2. Usually when there is a decrease in cases, there is fear of another increase. So it must really be prevented from happening, because if so, it will be very chaotic and terrible, and afraid that there will be more victims.

We certainly don’t want there to be a third wave of corona attacks and a tragedy like in India, when one by one people fell due to the covid-19 virus. They even fought for oxygen cylinders and when they didn’t survive, they still fought over the rations at the cemetery. This is truly a horror film that came true, and should not happen in Indonesia.

Therefore, as long as this PPKM level is implemented, we must be really disciplined. Even though there is a little leeway, don’t even take advantage of it, even bablas go everywhere. Cheating such as falsifying vaccine certificates or rapid test results is also strictly prohibited, because it is the same as lying to ourselves, and when it turns out that we have the corona virus, we will be very guilty of carrying the virus to many places.

Keep maintaining the 10M prokes as long as PPKM is enforced, and have a healthy lifestyle, so you don’t get corona or spread it, even if by accident. Everyone during a pandemic can become OTG, because there are no visible symptoms, therefore take care of yourself, family, and the environment, by following the prokes.

Prokes 10M must be done, not only 3M or 5M, because Prokes must be adhered to with the latest version. Continue to wear masks, keep your distance and wash your hands, and avoid crowds and limit mobility. In addition, every time you go out you don’t just wash your hands, but immediately take a shower and change clothes. Keep the environment clean and keep your body healthy with nutritious food.

The PPKM level was extended again until mid-October 2021. This extension was even suggested by epidemiologists, because it could prevent the third wave of corona attacks. During PPKM, we are still required to implement prokes, to be safe from the threat of the Covid-19 virus.

)* The author is a contributor to the Pertiwi Institute

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