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Arrest of NII Terrorism Network Suspect to Make Ramadan Safe


Densus 88 again arrested a number of people related to the Indonesian Islamic State (NII) network. The public appreciates this arrest as an effort to make Ramadan safe from acts of terror.

Detachment 88 Anti-terror Police continue to strive for a conducive security situation in the month of Ramadan, especially from acts of terrorism. Later, Densus 88 succeeded in arresting 5 suspected terrorism suspects in South Tangerang. In his press statement, the Head of the Public Information Bureau (Karopenmas) Brigadier General Pol Ahmad Ramadhan said the arrests were the result of development from the West Sumatra region.

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It was also revealed that it turned out that the five suspects who had been arrested by Densus 88 were those who were members of the Indonesian Islamic State (NII) terrorist network. The suspects, who were arrested on April 3, 2022, are still in the process of being investigated and investigated by investigators regarding their identities and their role and involvement in the organization.

It should be noted that as was the case with the development of terrorism cases in West Sumatra as previously mentioned, when Densus 88 succeeded in arresting 16 suspects on March 25, 2022. All terrorism suspects arrested also still have affiliation with the NII group, which is suspected while that they are eager to overthrow the current Indonesian government.

The NII terrorist network group in West Sumatra is also still in contact with or connected to the NII group in various other areas such as Jakarta, West Java to Bali. Even the irony is that they also do not hesitate to do massive recruitment, even though the group members are still underage.

Not only does he want to overthrow the current legitimate Indonesian government, Kombes Pol Aswin Siregar as Head of the Operations Assistance Section (Kabagbanops) of the Anti-Terror Police Detachment 88 said that the NII terrorist group also has a desire to change Pancasila. They will turn it into an ideology based on Islamic Shari’a which they consider kaffah and diligently to carry out military-style training activities in preparation for their goals.

Of course, actually all parties will certainly hope that as the holy month of Ramadan in 2022 goes on, we can live it much more solemnly and conducively without any riots in this country. However, the existence of these terrorist network groups makes people unable to carry out worship more solemnly. Fortunately, we have security forces who will always be alert and continue to carry out various kinds of preventive measures so that the terrorists do not carry out their actions.

The performance that has been carried out by Densus 88 in 2022 is indeed very good and even in terms of achievement the number of arrests can be said to have increased. Up until the beginning of this fourth month, it is known that they have succeeded in arresting various types of suspects of terrorist network groups. If we look at the numbers, even from year to year the performance of Densus 88 continues to increase.

In 2020, they succeeded in preventing acts of terrorism by arresting 232 people, then in 2021 yesterday they succeeded in exceeding that number by arresting 370 people. Of course it would be very scary if the country did not have a security apparatus that is so alert as it is today. Not only that terrorists will have the potential to damage buildings, but of course there will be injuries and even fatalities if they carry out their actions.

The community supports the arrest of terrorists which is currently being intensively carried out by the security forces. With these prevention efforts, it is hoped that acts of terror can be prevented and people can worship in peace.

)* The author is a contributor to Pertiwi Institute

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