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Bali Satpol PP Increases Guard for a Successful and Conducive G20


By: Made Prawira )*

The Bali Province Satpol PP continues to strive to improve guarding and security, including increasing order and conduciveness throughout the Island of the Gods, especially in Kuta and South Kuta to ensure the implementation of the G20 Summit can run successfully and smoothly.

Ahead of the peak of the G20 Summit in Bali on November 15-16, 2022, one aspect that is very concerned is the level of security. Therefore, several related officers continue to intensify patrols for peace and public order.

This was carried out directly by the ranks of the Civil Service Police Unit (Satpol PP), including those who also controlled several banners, billboards and monitoring kites around the G20 Summit meeting venue to ensure that the international event ran smoothly. .

Even the head of the Bali Province Satpol PP, Dewa Nyoman Rai Dharmadi, has also intensified inspections on migrant residents, especially those who came to Kutuh Village, South Kuta. He explained that the inspection carried out was a joint effort to be able to realize safeguards for stability, security and mutual comfort ahead of the G20 Summit.

It turned out that during an inspection carried out by the Bali Satpol PP, they tried to visit as many as 14 boarding houses and in fact there were still several boarding house residents who were still not registered in the application for non-permanent residents of Kutuh Village. The unregistered number of boarding house occupants was allegedly due to negligence on the part of the boarding house owner.

It is suspected that the owner of the boarding house has yet to report to the village. Knowing this negligence, the Satpol PP officers immediately gave a warning to the owner of the boarding house, including the migrant population, to immediately report and register on the application.

Dewa Nyoman Rai stated that collecting data on the migrants is indeed a routine to be able to continue to maintain administrative order. Of course, the goal is to be able to continue to maintain a conducive situation in the midst of the people of Kuta.

So that there are many concrete steps that the Bali Satpol PP continues to take in welcoming the G20 Summit in mid-November, not just controlling billboards and banners, but also maintaining security in Bali.

According to the Head of the Satpol PP for the Island of the Gods, maintaining security and conduciveness in Bali is indeed a very important thing to continue and improve because the convenience of Bali itself is very much considered by the world lately, not only as a place for the G20 Summit, but also as a world tourist destination. .

Furthermore, Dewa Nyoman Rai added that population data collection is also a very important thing to do because the goal is to be able to minimize the possibility of unexpected things that can happen in the community. If, for example, something unexpected happens, it is hoped that all officers, including village officials, will also be able to act quickly regarding the identity of each resident in their respective areas.

Because, if the identity of the community is also pocketed with certainty, automatically handling if anything happens will be made easier, starting from identification and so on, including reporting. Therefore, the data collection activity is very important to be able to minimize the potential for disruption of public order.

Meanwhile, all types of billboards that lined the crossing route for the G20 Summit delegates were all dismantled by the Bali Satpol PP, which would later be installed as many as 2500 penjors there. According to Kasatpol PP, all the roads that will be passed by the delegates will indeed be cleaned of all kinds of billboards, banners, billboards, billboards, banners and so on.

In fact, his party is very ready to be deployed every day in the field to carry out supervision, including cleaning up to supervising if there are new installations. Some of the paths that are really focused on this cleaning are the exit from Ngurah Rai Airport to Nusa Dua, the route to Garuda Wisnu Kencana to the path to the People’s Forest Park (Tahura) Bali.

It doesn’t stop there, but the dismantling of various types of billboards will also be carried out in a number of tourist attractions in Kuta and South Kuta, especially tourist attractions that are planned to be visited by delegates of G20 member countries. If all the billboards are clean, then they will be replaced with penjor installations, which also aims to introduce and promote traditional Balinese nuances for the delegates.

All parties to the Bali Province Satpol PP, especially those in Kuta and South Kuta, immediately moved quickly and continued to intensify efforts to maintain security and order in order to create a very conducive atmosphere in the community for the smooth and successful implementation of the G20 Summit.

)* The author is a contributor to the Press Circle and Cikini Students

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