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Be aware of Covid-19 Transmission by Air


By: Edi Jatmiko )*

Covid-19 virus can be transmitted through the air. WHO has researched it and will reveal the results to the wider community. We must be vigilant and adhere to the health protocol. So as not to easily contract Corona.

WHO research on airborne covid-19 viruses was revealed by Benadetta Alegranzi. According to WHO technical leaders for infection prevention and control, evidence that Corona is transmitted by air still needs to be validated. In addition, the air that can transmit the covid-19 virus is that there is no ventilation, dirty, and closed.

This is a warning for us not to underestimate the dangers of Corona. Because the virus was in fact mutated and not only transmitted through droplets, but also air. We also have to wear cloth masks and wear them to all family members, friends, and relatives. To be healthy together and free from Corona transmission.

Corona transmission methods via aerosol transmission and air transmission make many people surprised because they are afraid of outside activities. But this can be minimized by using a clean cloth mask and diligent hand washing. As well as maintaining a distance between humans, at least 2 meters. Try to do activities in public spaces where the air is clean and fresh.

Maria Van Kerkhove, WHO technical leader for the co-19 pandemic, said that research on airborne Corona transmission was continuing. While the results in the form of journals, will come out the next few days. We hope that the journal will come out soon, so that it can prevent and minimize Corona transmission in Indonesia.

The polemic about Corona can be transmitted through the air is still being investigated by a team of doctors in Indonesia. Doctor Aditya Susilo stated that the method used by WHO was to change droplets to aerosols, aka air. When the patient is incubated, it is certain that the coron can be transmitted through the air.

The discovery of this is certainly worrying because when transmitted through the air, we do not know which areas are clean and which places have the potential to transmit the covid-19 virus. The rules for keeping a distance are useless, because even though they stand 2 meters from the patient, the virus can spread through the air. Thus explained again by Doctor Aditya.

So, the most effective protection is to wear a cloth mask. Also, remember that masks can only be worn for a maximum of 4 hours, so you must carry several spare masks in your bag. Masks can also be given to others who do not wear them. Have at least a dozen cloth masks and wash with antiseptic soap.

In addition, we must maintain hygiene at home and work. Because from WHO’s information, Corona transmission is through the musty and dirty air. So besides being cleaned, the environment must also be sprayed with disinfectants. Even if necessary spraying is done 4 hours. Especially in the home / office that is often held by many people.

Don’t too often do activities outside the home if it’s not too important. Food can be stocked in the refrigerator for supplies for a week, and shopping can be via an online shop. Also avoid buying food outside and it’s better to cook it yourself to be more healthy and hygienic. When there is an invitation to hang out or gathering at a cafe, decline gently.

WHO research on the transmission of covid-19 virus through the air certainly surprised many parties. So we must not be careless and lazy to wear cloth masks, because only that thing is protective when outside the home. Take care of body immunity and environmental hygiene, so it is not easily infected by Corona.

)* Active writer in the Press Circle and Cikini Students

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