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Be aware of the potential for the spread of the Khilafah understanding


By: Ahmad Prasetya ) *

The Khilafah is an ideology that was once echoed by HTI, even though HTI has been disbanded, the potential for spreading that ideology must be watched out for because it contradicts Pancasila.

Darul Ulum University Government Science lecturer , Syaian Choir, said that the Pancasila ideology must be maintained to prevent the spread of radicalism and the spread of the concept of the caliphate . According to him , many younger generations have been influenced by the concept of khilaf ah .

              In fact, the idea of ​​the caliphate has been rejected and cannot be applied, even the proponent of this ideology, Hizbut Tahrir, was rejected in 20 countries including Indonesia.

              The caliphate system itself is incompatible with the present. If the supporters of the khilafa h refer to the caliphate system from the Umayyad Abbasid era , to the Ottoman era , then the authoritarianism of the caliphate system is not suitable to be applied in an era like today.

              Muhammad Dian Nafi, a caretaker of the Al- Muayy ad Windan Islamic Boarding School (Ponpes) , Sukoharjo , Central Java, talked about the dangers that could be generated if the ideology of the caliphate grew and spread in Indonesia.

              According to him , the Khilafah will only lead to the disintegration of the law, diskontiunitas social political system, and finally Indonesia is only a market for the big powers in the world.

              In his written statement , Dian Nafi said that almost all Indonesians did not agree with the ideology of the caliphate . Indonesian unity grew from the participatory awareness of all elements of the nation’s citizens, not because of the centralistic coercion offered through the centralism of the caliphate .

              Dian firmly stated that the reality since hundreds of years ago has shaped the democratic character of Indonesian citizens who are united because of equality ( musawah ), independence ( hurriyah ), and brotherhood (ukhuwah).

              According to him , the national law in Indonesia was built gradually from all the main guidelines that lived in Indonesian society since before independence. Legislation of the main guidelines of life takes place in deliberation to become positive law that is respected together.

              For this reason, Dian reminded all people to be aware of the caliphate ideology and other internationalist ideologies , because this could lead the Indonesian economy to a free market, which is the main agenda of the neoliberal forces.

              He gave an example, it is precisely Middle Eastern countries that have been exploited as testing ground for the caliphate system , now they are in a state of chaos.

              A good way to understand that the ideology of the caliphate is incompatible with the ideology of the nation is by tracing the history of the nation’s struggle and deepening the hope of the example of the Prophet Muhammad in instilling constitualism .

              S hile, Chairman of Board of Nahdlatul Ulama or NU Robikin Emhas call, there keleliruan serious if a Muslim considers the Islamic state is absolute or mandatory established.

              Not only that, he also explained that pare terrorists use religious propositions as a basis for establishing an Islamic state with a caliphate system .

              Robikin said that the consequence of such thinking is that anyone who has different thoughts will be labeled an enemy and his legal status will be an infidel.

              So that the pitch oris only set or splitting duniia in two legal status territoriality . The two regions are the Islamic state and the darul kuffar state, aka infidel countries. Consequently , whoever manages the state, government officials, civilian, will be stamped seb agai taghouts .

              If the caliphate is the only legal form of state, then Saudi Arabia is a kafir state. So that the point is not the government system, but Muslims are allowed to carry out all the rules of their religion in any state .

              Alamsyah M Djafar as a Senior researcher at The Wahid Foundation said that the idea of khilafah should also be challenged by the idea that the understanding of the caliphate is irrelevant if applied in Indonesia.

              The government can of course collaborate with religious or community leaders to collaborate in providing education regarding the dangers of the caliphate and convincing its followers that religion and Pancasila as the basis of the state that have so far been final.

              In addition, if there is an issue of a group intending to commit treason, of course the government can monitor their various movements with intelligence-owned tools.

              The Khilafah is not only dangerous, but its concept has also been rejected by the Pancasila ideology which was the thought of the founding father of the Republic of Indonesia, so it can be said that followers of the caliphate certainly do not respect the services of the nation’s founders.

) * The author is a contributor to the Pertiwi Institute

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