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Beware of Ex-HTI Maneuvers in Spreading Prohibited Ideologies


By: Muhammad Yasin) *

The former HTI is allegedly still actively spreading its influence to the community. This condition is in line with the calls of former HTI officials who will continue to fight for their ideas which are packaged in the form of da’wah.

HTI is one of the banned mass organizations in Indonesia. Religious activities that are not in line with Pancasila and the government, make the government intervene directly, and close these community organizations.

This organization has been closed and its license was revoked as of 19 July 2017. However, until now, its religious activities are still carried out secretly and are still intertwined among its members. The method of preaching that is used is indeed subtle and feels soft in the heart.

So that some groups who do not know anything about pure Islamic law and law, can still survive in this organization. An ideology that is not in line with Pancasila, which carries the caliphate as a substitute, certainly unsettles Indonesians.

Even though they have not been given permission to carry out activities in Indonesia, in reality they are still preaching. This was conveyed by HTI spokesman, Ismail Yusanto in 2019.

“It does not mean that our obligation to preach will stop. The point is we preach, want in whatever name the important thing is that the da’wah continues, “said Ismail Yusanto in 2019.

Not only there, recently there was news about the HTI movement returning to preaching somewhere. Precisely at the musolla in the Rengasdengklok area in 2019. This activity is of course very disturbing and unsettling to the surrounding community.

Not only the local community, if left unchecked, it can provoke other movements from these disbanded mass organizations.

“In principle, we strongly reject the activities of the former HTI, which are suspected of often carrying out activities to promote the understanding of the caliphate,” said Jaenabun, one of the youth leaders who refused the arrival of the former HTI.

Jaenabun also continued the conversation that he and his other friends were doing a demo, purely on their own will and from their respective consciences. Taking part in helping the government banish HTI activities that have been banned.

Over time, starting from 2017 to be precise since HTI was disbanded, in fact da’wah activities are still ongoing, although not implemented in a clear manner.

Members of the former HTI, some are still aggressively preaching through social media such as Facebook. Recently, there were those who preached on Facebook, spread the understanding of HTI, but were arrested.

The perpetrator of preaching through Facebook, with the initials DW and from Kota Baru, South Kalimantan, was arrested with a 2.5 year prison sentence. He only posts in the form of preaching and calling like this:

“In its long history, HTI has never played violence, because the Thoriqoh preaching is thought, not preaching by force”

Da’wah using social media, meru [will be an alternative to the former HTI to carry out his da’wah actions, and it is indeed successful.

However, the government does not remain silent, even though there are still many people preaching on social media, but if its preaching makes people affected and invites people to reject Pancasila, of course it cannot be ignored.

HTI activities of this kind are always on guard against, the community and the state are trying to close the gap for HTI to be able to preach again. So that thoughts or ideologies that threaten state security can be overcome.

One of the other ex-mass organizations, former NII mass organization Ken Setiawan, has also spoken out about the vigilance of this ex-HTI movement. Lots of former HTI members have not been completely separated from HTI activities. Because the da’wah that is carried out, is really from the mind.

What Ken Setiawan said about the prohibited HTI mass organizations was true. He said that, mass organizations that are no longer permitted to operate in the country of Indonesia, of course, still need media or a place to keep their mass organizations running.

Ken Setiawan has officially left NII, he is now moving to raise awareness to all Indonesian people so as not to be influenced by the preaching of HTI or other Islamic organizations operating from underground.

That is what HTI is doing, which still needs a lot of ways and places to keep their mass organizations alive, even though they are not permitted. For example, with social media preaching media, or prayer rooms and so on.

) * The author is a citizen living in Tangerang

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