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Beware of Family Clusters During Long Holidays


By: Rahmat Siregar ) *

At the end of October, the Indonesian people enjoyed a long holiday from 28 October – 1 November 2020. However, the public is urged to be aware of the transmission of Covid-19 and family clusters that could potentially occur during the long holiday.

The month of October will soon end with a long holiday, of course this momentum will be used by some people to have a vacation with their family by visiting tourist attractions.

However, the long holiday during the Covid-19 pandemic needs to be aware of the virus transmission in the family cluster . Do not let after enjoying the joy during a long holiday, we actually carry a disease that can endanger people around us or our own families .

              The Governor of DKI Jakarta, Anies Baswedan reminded residents who are on vacation amid the Covid-19 pandemic, they must remain disciplined in carrying out health protocols.

              This long holiday, of course, has a big risk of a spike in cash in us Covid-19. When mobility is high, the transmission rate also increases.

              Anies explained that one of the things that is of concern is the emergence of family clusters . Not without reason, in Jakarta the Family Cluster accounts for 39 percent of Covid-19 cases.

              He revealed, there were 4,684 family clusters with the number of positive cases reaching 36,659 people.

              In order to prevent more family clusters , according to him, the implementation of health protocols is very important.

              Anies Baswedan said, most people ignore the use of masks when meeting family or familiar people.

              As is well known, the government has designated 28 October and 30 October as collective leave in commemoration of the Prophet Muhammad’s birthday . So that there is a long holiday for 5 days, namely on 28 October – 1 November 2020.

              The former minister of education estimates that the spike in Covid-19 cases will occur within 10-14 days after the long holiday in August 202 .

              He also reminded all people to stay at home if they did not have urgent needs, and apply and comply with the Covid-19 health protocol while spending the holiday period. It had been shoe tnya implemented not only when in public places, but also when gathered together a large family.

              By visiting a tourist spot that is crowded with people, of course, it will be very risky . Especially transmission from people without symptoms (OTG). It would be better and safer if you choose a vacation in a quiet and private place with only the core family involved. Visiting a busy area with family can bring up the Covid-19 cluster in the family.

              In addition, holiday activities that can create new clusters are large family gatherings. After months of not seeing each other because of the pandemic, of course it would be very difficult not to be close together, telling stories about hugging between relatives.

              We certainly don’t know the medical history of each person, even though he is in good health, he could be in the OTG category. Because after all the risk of transmission will be even greater if transmission occurs.

              We would often hear the term to keep a distance or physical distancing , the protocol is always echoed de mi prevent transmission Covid-19 while in the public space.

              By implementing a protocol to maintain a minimum distance of 1-meter and wearing a mask, this of course helps to minimize the risk of coming into contact with contaminated surfaces and infected people outside the home. Safest, avoid crowds or crowded places.

              If forced to travel to a crowded area, try to maintain a minimum distance of 1 meter from other people at all times, and wear a mask. Mask er is very important when fission distance is difficult.

              Therefore, managers of tourist attractions are asked to anticipate the potential for the emergence of new clusters during the long weekend.

              Spokesman penangnan covid-19 Wiku Adisasmito reminding pe merintah regions with popular tourist destinations in order to get prepared.

              Reflecting on previous experiences, where the long holiday actually had an impact on the addition of positive cases at the national level. This was triggered by crowds at various locations visited by the community during the holiday period and community non-compliance with health protocols.

              Local governments are also asked to limit the capacity of tourist attractions to only 50% of total visitors.

              Health protocols cannot be contested, if holidays have become a family need, then the implementation of health protocols must be carried out wherever they are.

) * The author is a contributor to the Cikini Press Circle and Students

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