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Beware of Hoax Vaccination on Medsos


By: Anwar Ibrahim (Tangerang City Regional Independent Social Media Activist Forum Coordinator)

The amount of information about Covid-19, on the one hand, makes it easier for the Indonesian people to access important information about the disease and its handling. But on the other hand, this information flow also carries hoax information which must also be filtered out. Currently there is a debate about vaccines on social media which is often filled with fake news. Kominfo noted that at least 1,360 hoaxes of information were collected about Covid-19, including about vaccines.

Facing this hoax, netizens need self-awareness at the individual and group level, up to proper management at the level of policy makers. Here are some tips for dealing with vaccine-related hoaxes.

Critical thinking

One of the ways that netizens must think critically. Someone who is accustomed to thinking critically will not just accept it when information comes in. The best way to think critically is to confirm the source of the information.

Another example is when, for example, there is an invitation to say hate speech, then someone who is critical will be alert. “At least by asking whether our religion teaches hatred or not?” It means that the information or invitation is not true.

Report / Report Hoax Spreader’s Account

The best way is needed to deal with the many hoaxes, one of which is to take firm action against groups or accounts that spread hoaxes, hatred and incitement because they have the potential to cause violence in society.

The government needs to collaborate with strategic groups in society so that these strategic groups can carry out their role and work together with the government.

Therefore, let us work together to avoid hoax viruses and prevent disinformation / misinformation regarding national vaccination by spreading positive content with positive literacy movements for a pandemic-free Indonesia.

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