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Beware of Increasing Covid-19 Cases with Prokes and Vaccination Disciplines


By : Syafrudin Pratama *)

The current phenomenon shows that Indonesia has again experienced an increase in Covid-19 cases. Positive confirmations of Covid-19 increased by 2,167 cases in the last 24 hours on Tuesday, June 28, 2022. Thus, the total Covid-19 in Indonesia has increased to 6,084,063 cases since it was first announced on March 2, 2020.

Based on the research data that the author got, there were 15,310 active cases of Covid-19 in Indonesia. This number increased by 995 cases from the previous day. The government also reported examining 88,718 specimens from 62,687 people in the past 24 hours. DKI Jakarta is the province that contributes the most active cases of Covid-19. The number has now reached 9,006 cases of Covid-19 with the addition of 503 cases from the previous day, Monday, 27 June 2022.

Of the total cases, for DKI Jakarta, 8,375 patients are undergoing self-isolation, while 631 others are being treated in hospitals. The author found the good news that in the same period, the Covid-19 death rate was low, namely, nationally, there were two additional deaths, one from DKI Jakarta.

Therefore, the authors found that the Head of Disease Prevention and Control of the DKI Jakarta Health Service, Dwi Oktavia Tatri Lestari, said that his party was continuing to seek early detection. Testing, tracing, and treatment (3T) efforts continue to be intensified, in addition to the Covid-19 vaccination which is also still ongoing with a wider scope.

Dwi said the WHO test target was 1000 people who were tested by PCR per million population per week and DKI Jakarta had reached that target in the last few days. This is because the number of people who were examined last week in DKI Jakarta reached 63,376 people, while 1,037,241 people had undergone PCR tests.

Of course, based on the latest facts and data regarding Covid-19 in Indonesia, the author suggests a serious attitude is needed so that Covid-19, especially the BA.4 and BA.5 variants, does not continue to increase. One example that can be applied is to remain obedient to health protocols and continue to promote vaccination for those who have not received vaccinations or boosters.

In addition, please note that based on data from the surge in Covid-19 cases in the UK, the symptom that is often reported is not fever, as many as 69 percent of the people who report complaining of symptoms in the form of headaches. Symptoms of headaches caused by COVID-19 include headaches that are moderate to very painful, throbbing, pressing or stabbing, headaches that occur on both sides of the head, not just one area, headaches that last for more than three days, and These headaches tend to appear early in the infection.

Therefore, from the author’s point of view, there are many ways that the Indonesian people can do to minimize exposure to Covid-19. In addition to obeying health protocols and vaccinating, people can also maintain their immune system by maintaining a healthy lifestyle, such as consuming nutritious food, multiplying fruits, vegetables, and vitamins and exercising.

In addition, the author also argues that the Government must continue to advise the public that Covid-19 is not over yet so that people always maintain health protocols when traveling and carry out vaccinations/boosters for people who have not received it.

The author hopes that, with various policies made by the Government and followed by vaccination programs and disciplined attitudes towards Health protocols, it will be able to break the chain of spread of Covid-19 in Indonesia, especially the BA.4 and BA.5 variants so that the pandemic status can turn into endemic.

*The author is a contributor to the Trilogy Institute

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