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Beware of Increasing Covid-19 Clusters in Offices


By: Zakaria) *

In DKI Jakarta, there has been an increase in the number of corona patients from office clusters. This is very sad, because it shows people’s indiscipline in adhering to health protocols. We should stay orderly and obey it, in order to avoid the ferocity of the corona.

When the start of a pandemic, the office could be off right for a while. However, when the PSBB started, the office was reopened. The opening is of course with strict health protocols, and employees take turns in so as not to cause a crowd. All of this for the sake of mutual safety from the dangers of corona.

But unfortunately in recent weeks the new corona cluster from offices has been re-formed. According to data from the Covid-19 Task Force Team, Covid patients in the DKI Jakarta area have doubled from the office cluster. Meanwhile, the Provincial Government of DKI Jakarta noted that there are at least 177 offices that become new coron clusters.

Pandu Riono, an epidemiologist from FKM UI, stated that there should be no euphoria after the corona breast milk vaccine in the community. The perception that after being injected with a vaccine will be 100% free from the attack of the Covid-19 virus is wrong. In that sense, after the injection, don’t take off your mask immediately, because the pandemic is still running, so we still have to be vigilant.

P andu added, education about vaccination in the community is indeed lacking, because vaccination is actually for the prevention of severe symptoms of corona, so that they are not hospitalized because of severe covid. Vaccination is not for immunity, but it lowers the risk of dying from corona.

This is a reminder that there are still some who forget to implement strict health protocols after vaccination. Apart from still having to be disciplined in maintaining body immunity, employees who have been vaccinated (either from the national or independent route of vaccination ), still have to comply with other health protocols. Remember 3M: wear a mask, wash your hands, and keep your distance.

The problem is, there are those who wear masks on the way and then take them off when they arrive at the office. Even though at the office there is still a risk of corona transmission, because according to WHO research, the Covid-19 virus can be transmitted from dirty and stuffy air. While in the office there is an air conditioner that we don’t know is clean or not, and it has the potential to spread viruses from OTG colleagues.

S Elain diligently wash your hands or use hand sanitizer , objects are often held by many workers in the office should also be frequently sprayed with disinfectant. For example , door handles , elevator buttons, tables in cubicles, etc. If necessary, each person brings their own small bottle of disinfectant, so it is more hygienic.

Corona clusters can also be formed in the office canteen, because when eating together, everyone must take off their masks. To be safe from OTG with no visible symptoms, it is better if we bring our own food packs (when it is not in the month of Ramadan). Bringing your own food and utensils keeps us safe from invisible viral droplets .

Why must the office cluster be controlled so that it becomes 0%? Because this cluster is dangerous, it can cause family classification. If the father as the main breadwinner is infected from the office, then his wife and children can be infected with Covid-19 as well. So the spread of corona will never end because every day there are new patients.

Offices that have been affected by clasts must be closed for 14 days and sprayed with disinfectant. So that employees are really safe when going to work. Meanwhile, they can work from home so that their performance is maintained.

Don’t be careless in the face of corona. Prevent the spread of office clusters by maintaining discipline in maintaining health protocols, and wearing masks even when in the office. Be diligent in washing your hands or using a hand sanitizer and don’t touch colleagues for a while to keep your distance.

) * The author is a contributor to the Cikini Press and Student Circle

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