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Beware of KST Provocations Disrupting Welfare Policy for Papua


By: Timothy Gobay )*

The Separatist and Terrorist Group (KST) is a source of conflict in Papua. The public is asked to be aware of the provocations of these mobs that can interfere with welfare policies for Papua.

At the beginning of 2022, the Government will continue to do its best in developing Papua. These efforts include continuing development and maintaining peace stability for Papua. However, this action turned out to be much disturbed by KST.

This KST is considered to be operating very neatly, so the TNI-Polri need to be vigilant and also be careful. Like mushrooms that thrive when it rains, these separatist groups who have been designated as terrorists are also in almost all corners of Papua. The place moves around, including having ammunition supplies to fight.

What is worrying is, their provocation is so fast. Influences and doctrines that are wrong from them turned out to be quite heard by the public. Although not all of them were provoked, vigilance on this matter must be prioritized. Thus, the possibility of casualties due to this conflict can be minimized.

Previously, the Commander of the Indonesian National Armed Forces, General Andika Perkasa, stated that he would prioritize a humanistic approach to dealing with conflicts in the Papua region. All staff have also agreed to this policy. Although there has been no instruction from him, the TNI will continue to implement the policy that is deemed appropriate.

In line with this, Colonel Aqsa Erlangga who is in charge of Kapendam (Head of Information for Military Command) XVII Cenderawasih also said the same thing. Following the moment of the morning star flag hoisting carried out at a number of points.

Aqsa appealed to the brothers who belong to armed criminal groups, to think clearly. Moreover, the actions carried out by KST are considered difficult for the Papuan people. The main thing is to block the steps of the Papuan people to move forward, so that they can run their life in a better, more comfortable and safe way.

He also invited the KST group together with the provincial government to boost the welfare of the local community. The central government is considered to always try to improve welfare and development in order to overcome the problems that plague Papua.

Troops with a leader named Undius Kogeya are considered to continue to spread provocations. Until the peak of flying the Morning Star flag in the Intan Jaya area. In fact, the raising of this flag coincided with the momentum of the turn of the year. In fact, warning shots were taken to invite the TNI-Polri to fight again in 2022.

The raising of the Morning Star flag is reported to have been carried out in 6 regions of Papua. At least there are reports of the raising of this flag in 6 regencies and cities. This has also been confirmed by Kombes Ahmad Musthofa Kamal as the Head of Public Relations of the Papua Police. Kamal detailed that the six regions are Puncak, Bintang Mountains, Intan Jaya, Deiyai, Central Memberamo districts to Jayapura City. The case is also under investigation by the local police.

He could not confirm the number of Papuans who were arrested as a result of the procession. However, there are around eight Papuan youths who have been arrested at the Cenderawasih Sports Center, Jayapura. Nevertheless, Kamal ensured that the situation would remain conducive. Because, this raising does not cause riots.

It should be noted that the Morning Star flag was used for the Netherlands New Guinea region from December 1, 1961 to October 1, 1962. At that time the region was still under the United Nations administration. However, now the flag is used by the OPM. In fact, the OPM routinely celebrates the independence of Papua every 1 December. Because they really want to separate themselves from the Republic of Indonesia.

Even though these provocation efforts are real and continuously being carried out, the TNI-Polri are also not complacent or give up. These troops also said that they are still ready to secure the Papua region so that it remains safe and conducive for all their souls and bodies. Moreover, the policy of eliminating violence in this approach has been formalized and will be implemented.

In addition, religious leaders and university activists also intervened for the success of the peace mission in Papua. This collaboration is expected to be able to launch efforts in a humanist approach, which is able to create the effect of closeness between the community and the TNI-Polri. Thus, it will be easier and more efficient to achieve this peace goal.

In the end, this effort will surely succeed with the cooperation of all parties. Not only from the Government, TNI-Polri but also all elements of Indonesian society. Because Papua is also part of the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia which must be fought for until later.

)* The author is a Papuan student living in Gorontalo

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