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Beware of Provocations Between Tribes in Yahukimo Papua


By: Saby Kosay )*

The community is asked to be aware of the provocation of community conflict carried out by the Papuan Separatist and Terrorist Group (KST). The community is also asked to remain calm because law enforcement continues to ensure the security of the people in Papua.

There are various kinds of indigenous tribes in Papua, ranging from the Dani, Yali, Kimyal, etc. The people of Cendrawasih Earth live side by side in peace and for decades there have been no more wars between tribes. They can make a good harmony of life and no longer sharpen the arrowhead to be released at the hated person, in war.

But unfortunately in Yahukimo there was a conflict that caused various losses, ranging from property being burned to 6 people being killed. This tragedy is very sad because it occurred as a result of the cruelty of hoaxes, due to the death of the former regent of Yahukimo, Abock Basup, in early October.

Conflicts occur because of hoaxes and wrong assumptions. It could be that the attackers blamed another ethnic group as the cause, even though the former regent died in Jakarta and was declared dead due to a heart attack. This hoax is very vile and can trigger further conflicts, even wars between tribes.

Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives Sufmi Dasco Ahmad expressed his concern over the riots that occurred in Yahukimo, Papua. Moreover, this incident claimed 6 lives and there were 1,000 residents who were evacuated to a safe place. He also warned that there are wild issues out there and don’t be easy to believe, because they don’t know the source of the news.

Sufmi added, don’t be fooled by hoaxes or wild rumors because the XX PON (in Jayapura and 3 other places) is currently being held in Papua. I am afraid that this wild issue will divide the Papuan people. In a sense, do not let the existence of PON XX, which has just brought together civilians, instead be damaged by hoaxes and irresponsible issues.

PON XX is a national level event but is also monitored by international netizens, so it must be properly guarded by the authorities. Do not let the conflict in Yahukimo spread to Jayapura and other XX PON clusters, including the Wisma Atlet.

To create a conducive atmosphere, Sufmi suggested a persuasive approach. The goal is for people to calm down and not panic or be psychologically attacked. In a sense, if they continue to be consumed by hoaxes, it can trigger further conflicts. Whereas the consequences could be fatal because it triggers inter-tribal wars, which have been successfully eradicated in Papua for more than 10 years.

War between tribes will only bring a lot of losses, ranging from material to non-material. From the conflict in Yahukimo, the total loss has not been estimated, because many buildings were burned. Not to mention the fatalities who left their families, so that they suffered, and the injured who required high treatment costs.

In addition, more stringent raids are needed in Papua, especially in Yahukimo. A search can be carried out to determine if the motorcyclist was carrying arrows or other weapons. This is not to trigger excessive suspicion, but a precautionary measure and as an effort to bring about peace in Papua.

Yahukimo once smoldered and this conflict brought a lot of losses and there were casualties. Don’t let hoaxes and provocations from certain elements trigger further tragic events that lead to wars between tribes. Peace in Papua must be maintained so that it is truly conducive and people will feel safe there.

)* The author is a Papuan student living in Yogyakarta

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