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Beware of Radicalism among Young People


By: Muhammad Gibran) *

Radicals want to increase their influence in Indonesia, by recruiting young people. They exploit cyberspace and create radical content. Young people easily believe what radicals say because they are good at persuading. Parents are obliged to pay attention to their children’s activities both in the real and virtual world.

Radical and separatist groups want to invite their members to continue to rebel against the government, at any cost, even with violence like a bomb. Why until that butter? Because according to them, the true state has a caliphate system. So the current state is in their opinion invalid and must be replaced as soon as possible.

To expand its influence, radical groups are targeting young people to be recruited. According to a spokesman for BIN, Wawan Hari Putranto, indeed radical groups are looking for children aged 17-24 years to become members, because they are more critical and energetic. Moreover, they tend to be less aware of information and issues in social media such as Twitter.

For example, if there is content on the internet that describes social inequality, young people will be critical and then mock the government. They can share right away without checking the truth. Though it could be hoax content that was deliberately created by radicals. News narratives can be misleading or use old photos that are deliberately copied.

Freedom as if unlimited in social media can also backfire. Young people are absorbed in surfing on Instagram and find an account that looks good, because it instills the value of truth. But apparently the other content is slander and blasphemy against the government. After searching, it turned out that the account was made by members of radical groups.

To overcome this, the National Intelligence Agency has deployed cyber patrols to detect the content of radicalism in cyberspace. The content can be immediately withdrawn from circulation because it has proven to be dangerous. If anyone discovers similar content, it can be directly reported to the sibling patrol , for further action.

In addition, young people are also required to have a high sense of nationalism. At school Pancasila points and the importance of having a patriotism spirit can be taught. They were also invited to love this country with a step back to the history museum and also a pilgrimage to the hero’s grave park. Occasionally movies can be tuned struggles during history lessons.

In addition, in religious studies can also be inserted about tolerance. So the righteous people not only have good relations with God, but also with their fellow humans. Never be an intolerant person, because we live in Indonesia. A country that has a lot of culture and recognizes 5 religions. So it cannot be changed into a caliphate state.

Oran g Parents can instill nationalism at home by getting her to get to know the heroes and their services to Indonesia. Young people are also taught to think broadly, because differences are beautiful. We live in a democratic country and cannot be transformed into a caliphate state, because it is not in accordance with the conditions of the people in Indonesia.

Young people will be able to learn to love their country and apply Pancasila in their daily lives. If they continue to be invited to have a national sense of ism, it will be proud when the name of Indonesia is mentioned in the international arena. When young people have loved the country, if invited by radicals to defect, it will be immediately rejected.

Radicals invite young people to become members, because they are looking for identity. Young people are also more critical, so they are suitable to become new cadres. To overcome this, parents and teachers must teach nationalism and national values.

) * The author is a citizen living in Bogor

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