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Beware of Rising Corona Cases by Obeying Health Protocols


Corona cases are rising again because of the Omicron variant and we must be vigilant so as not to get infected. Keep your immune system and obey health protocols because the Covid-19 pandemic is still ongoing.

At the end of 2021, we breathe a sigh of relief because PPKM has a result, when the number of COVID-19 cases has decreased drastically to only hundreds of patients per day. The regulations began to be relaxed, there were no more partitions and only odd-even rules were replaced. Schools have also started to open with 100% face-to-face learning. We are optimistic that the pandemic will end soon, especially since many have received vaccines.

However, the situation has reversed because the Corona case has risen again. The number of patients per day which is usually only 500’s, has now jumped to 8,000’s. The increase in the number of patients is due to the entry of the Omicron variant of the covid-19 virus, which spreads 70 times faster than the delta variant. If this is left alone, there will be a third wave of Corona attacks.

Corona patients are starting to find it difficult to get a room at the hospital. They don’t want to self-isolate because they want to get intensive care so they can recover quickly. In DKI Jakarta, the hospital bed occupancy rate rose to 45% and made everyone worried, especially health workers. The reason is because if there is a surge in patients, their lives are at stake.

To prevent the spread of Corona while at the same time fighting the potential for the third wave of covid attacks, everyone must obey health protocols, not only wearing masks but also other points in the 10M Prokes. The reason is because only with Prokes and vaccinations will we be safe from Corona, especially the Omicron variant.

Wearing a mask is the most important point in the health protocol and unfortunately this rule is starting to be violated a lot. Even if someone wears it, it is not in the right position so there is no protection for the nose and mouth. Wearing masks is very important because according to doctor Reisa, the effectiveness of using masks only occurs when at least 70% of people in one place wear them.

The second point of Prokes, namely washing hands must also be considered. When going to a place, don’t forget to wash your hands because there is definitely a sink or water container. The management must also pay attention, the soap provided must be antiseptic and the water is also clear.

When you come home, don’t just wash your hands but also take a shower and wash your hair. After that, immediately change clothes, because it is also a point in the health protocol. If necessary, wash clothes and masks with hot water so that germs and viruses die instantly.

The point that must also be adhered to in the health protocol is avoiding crowds. Indeed, Indonesians love to socialize, but remember that this is still a pandemic period, so you must obey Prokes. Not attending the invitation does not mean being arrogant because it is not necessarily there to comply with health protocols.

Don’t even travel, let alone abroad, because the majority of Omicron cases occur in people who have traveled far. Hold on for a while and be patient because if everyone is united, the pandemic will end soon.

We are all tired of having to wear masks and obey other points in the health protocol but remember that it can keep you away from Corona. By obeying Prokes, always wearing masks (even double masks), washing hands, reducing mobility, and obeying other Prokes, we will be Corona-free and we are optimistic that in 2023 Indonesia can be Corona-free, of course accompanied by vaccinations.

By: Cindy Ramadhani )* The author is a contributor to the Press Circle and Cikini Students

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