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Beware of Shopping Clusters to Prevent Covid-19


By: Deka Prawira) *

Ahead of Eid, a number of shopping centers are crowded with visitors. This surge in buyers is certainly worrying because it could create a new corona cluster. To prevent crowds from occurring, there is traffic engineering, restrictions on visitors, and tighter supervision of the Satpol PP.

Buying new clothes before Eid is a tradition of Indonesian society from year to year. They celebrate Eid by wearing the best and most stylish clothes. Not surprisingly, malls, markets and other shopping centers are always crowded with visitors during the fasting month.

Crowds of people going shopping also happen at Tanah Abang Market and other shopping centers. They purposely shop there because it is known to sell clothes at low prices. Unfortunately during a pandemic, the surge in visitors is very dangerous because you can’t keep your distance. In fact, there are more than 100,000 visitors per day at the Tanah Abang Market.

To overcome this crowd, traffic engineering was carried out around the Tanah Abang Market. In addition, the afternoon KRL train at Tanah Abang Station was also eliminated. This arrangement was deliberately made so that access to the Tanah Abang Market would be difficult, thereby reducing the crowd of visitors.

Meanwhile, in the market there are many Satpol PP on guard and reminding visitors to keep their distance, through loudspeakers. This supervision was attended directly by the Head of the Metro Jaya Regional Police, Inspector General Pol Fadil Imran and the Head of the Central Jakarta Police, Kombes Pol Hengky Haryadi.

Tanah Abang Market visitors are also arranged so as not to cause a crowd. The maximum that can enter is only 50% of the market capacity. In addition, they are also encouraged to shop at other markets. Because there are still many places that offer a collection of Eid clothes besides Tanah Abang.

After all, what good is shopping while jostling like this? You can’t enjoy a shopping session, you have to rush to buy, and there is a risk of getting picked up by pickpockets. Aren’t there many online shops and marketplaces that offer clothes at affordable prices? Just shop via gadget and the package will arrive home 2 days later. Practical and no need to sweat around the market.

Why are these rules so strict? The reason is because the crowd can cause a new corona cluster. Even though visitors wear masks, this is not guaranteed. First, someone may become hot and then remove the mask. When it turns out that it has OTG status, it can transmit the corona through droplets.

Second, according to doctor Reisa Brotoasmoro, the effectiveness of wearing masks only occurs when at least 75% of people wear them in one place. When in the market, we don’t know what percentage wear masks properly. So it is very vulnerable to corona transmission.

Meanwhile, the third one, wearing a mask but not maintaining distance is also useless. Because the covid-19 virus can be transmitted through dirty and stuffy air. Just like the situation in a market where visitors are booming. It is better for us to prevent the transmission of this dangerous disease, rather than having Eid in the hospital and languishing because of the corona.

Remember the adage it is better to prevent than cure. It is better to refrain from shopping in the market, rather than being at risk of contracting the Covid-19 virus. There are piles of Eid clothes in stores, and can be purchased online. However, you only have one life and don’t let it fly away from the euphoria of shopping for Eid clothes.

Shopping clusters are very dangerous due to dense and stuffy crowds, and have the potential to spread corona rapidly. Tracking is also very difficult because the Task Force Team does not know the data of every market visitor. Don’t let us take part in the spread of corona, just because you want to buy Eid clothes.

) * The author is a contributor to the Cikini Press Circle and Student

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