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Beware of the Covid-19 Cluster During Long Holidays


By: Aditya Akbar) *

Long holidays due to collective leave accompanied by weekends, starting on 28 October 2020, could be a time bomb that causes the new corona cluster . If people use it for recreation. We are currently still in a period of a concerned pandemic. Don’t even take a walk with the excuse of being bored at home.

Since the corona attack in March 2020, schools have been closed and students are studying online. They are still required to study and provide lessons via WA and Zoom. However, many parents complain that their family is bored with activities at home. Therefore, when there is a long holiday this October, they are very happy.

Starting from 28 October to 1 November 2020 there are 5 days off, due to collective leave in the framework of the Prophet’s birthday as well as holidays on Saturdays and Sundays. This is an opportunity for parents to take a break from the hassles of school at home There is also utilizing the long holiday to return home or to invite a boy traveling out of town.

Spokesperson for the covid task force Doctor Wiku reminded people not to go home, go outside the house, or to a crowd. For example to the Mall , beach, or campground. The health workers and epidemiologists have also been mewant i-warned to exercise restraint and not go out of town, or visit the recreation park on a long holiday this October.

Doctor Wiku added, people can go out of the house if it’s urgent. For example, for monthly shopping or medical treatment at a clinic. If they leave the house they also have to comply with health protocols, such as wearing a cloth mask, bringing hand sanitizer or washing their hands in public places. Also maintain a minimum distance of 2 meters from other people.

This doctor’s warning does not mean pressure on the public. Because actually the health workers concerned about the health of many people. If people go home and have recreation together during long holidays, it is feared that it will create a new corona cluster . Since they got together and crammed when lining up a ticket at s tasiun, terminal or airport.

Although the community argues that they go home using private vehicles, it is also dangerous. Because usually cars are full of passengers and fail to keep their distance. They also take off their masks while eating in busy rest area . So dika hwatirkan contracting corona of that place. Moreover, according to WHO research, the covid-19 virus can spread in dirty and stuffy air.

If people vacation in the city it is still dangerous. Because in the mall or city park there are hundreds of people walking around while relaxing. Even though they wear masks, they fail to apply physical distancing . We also don’t know which people have OTG status or don’t wear standard masks, so there is still a risk of contracting corona .

Try to hold back and not go home for a while. If you miss your parents in the village, you can video call them , and they also understand the reasons why they don’t go home this long weekend . Because it’s still a pandemic. Don’t even dare to go to the village, even though rice is from the red zone, and spreads the corona of your beloved parents.

Give understanding to the children why during this holiday they are not invited to take a walk in the Mall or recreation area. Provide insight into a pandemic that is not over yet. They will understand why and decide to just vacation at home. Provide their favorite snacks and DVD movies to distract them and feel comfortable at home.

During the long weekend, don’t be reckless and go home or on vacation with the children. Ka rena everywhere definitely crowded and can cause cluster corona new. Especially if there are babies or toddlers who are prone to contracting the covid-19 virus. It’s better as a family at home, because outside conditions are not 100% safe.

) * The author is a contributor to the Institute for Community Strategic Information Studies (LSISI)

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