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Beware of the Covid Cluster During the Holiday Season


By: Deka Prawira *

This end of October, there is a long holiday weekend, for more than 2 days, or what is called a long weekend . The accumulation of these holidays has made doctors, health workers and epidemiologists worried. Because it is feared that the public will be euphoric in welcoming it, and form a new corona cluster.

The Covid pandemic has caused people to suffer symptoms of stress, because in addition to decreasing income, they rarely do activities outside the home. Children learn online, while parents also work from home. Too long at home also makes them tired, and in the adaptation phase of their new habits, they feel relieved because they are allowed to go outside again.

This long vacation at the end of October is a moment when many people want to have recreation. As long as children and wives are also not subject to responsibility from school or office. However, we shouldn’t be too enjoying the holidays which are almost a week, because the corona is still lurking. Don’t forget that it’s still a pandemic, so it’s safer to just stay at home.

Don’t even be desperate to take a trip out of town and even abroad. It’s better to refrain and be satisfied with just resting at home, rather than tired of traveling and then contracting the corona on the way. Like surrendering to a gallows. Love your body and your life, don’t be lured by the pleasures of a vacation that brings disaster.

The holiday cluster is what epidemiologists are most worried about. Because even though the recreation location has met health protocols, have everyone been wearing standard masks? How do you know that someone didn’t take off their mask at all? Besides, it is also prone there because there are crowds, making it difficult for physical distancing.

According to Doctor Panji Hadisumarto, an epidemic expert from Unpad, tourist attractions should comply with health protocols. If there are recreational vehicle managers who deliberately violate it, the government must take firm action, or be subject to high fines as a deterrent effect . So they will give up and realize that they are still in the Covid-19 pandemic.

Do not even pursue profit, instead open to many visitors. Even though it should be limited, a maximum of 50% of its capacity. In addition, managers of tourist attractions can also intentionally close their businesses temporarily, or limit their opening hours to just a few hours. All of this is for mutual security and so that the pandemic ends quickly.

Laura Yamani, an epidemic expert from Airlangga University, stated that if people find it very difficult to prohibit traveling on the long weekend this October, there must be anticipation. For example, they must adhere to health protocols by wearing masks, not just face shields . Also bring a hand sanitizer .

While on the streets around Puncak, visitors are not allowed to enter freely. They are only allowed when they have passed the rapid test . This is an act of anticipation, so that the corona no longer spreads there and causes new clusters. Besides, if it is contagious, it will be very difficult to tracing , because there are so many visitors.

However, for the sake of safety and health, it is better to postpone the homecoming and vacation plans, until the pandemic is officially declared an end by the government. Because corona can be beaten back, if all parties work together. Mu lai of the government, the task force team covid, health workers, as well as civilians.

Long vacations are fun but hold on to the desire to relax on the beach or other tourist attractions, because the spread of corona is still crazy. Beware of the holiday cluster . Don’t even be desperate to travel and then catch the covid-19 virus and not be saved. Love your life.

) * The author is active in the Jakarta Student Movement (Gema)

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