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Beware of the Explosion of New Covid-19 Cases Post-Eid


By: Zakaria) *

After Eid, it is feared that a new corona cluster will be formed, namely the homecoming cluster, tourism cluster and family cluster. Homecoming has been prohibited, but there are still some who are stubborn and are looking for a way for mice to return to their hometowns. We must be vigilant because human movements during homecoming have a negative effect and cause a surge in new corona cases.

There is good news after Eid, namely the prediction of travelers to a decrease, from the estimated 30 million people, but it turns out that only 1.5 million people who are desperate to return home. But this figure is of course also worrying, because from the results of the rapid randomized tests at the border, there are at least 4,000 travelers who have tested positive for the corona.

If they are allowed to escape and return to their hometowns, there will be a surge in corona patients. However, travelers who are found positive for corona are immediately told to stay at the hospital or quarantine in the space provided. However, we cannot be calm because there is another potential to increase the number of corona patients.

This is evident from the data shown by the Jakarta Covid-19 Task Force Team. In the capital city, there are counted 3,458 new corona cases, as of May 13, 2021. This increase occurred because many were determined to return to their hometowns, because on average they were migrants from other areas. They either don’t know where they have the virus, which is worrying because if they are not caught, they will pass it on to other people.

This cycle is like a vicious cycle when travelers come to their village and transmit corona to their families, or get the virus from there and then spread the covid-19 virus to their workplace. If it continues like this, how long do we have to go through a choking pandemic?

To prevent transmission of the virus, the Ministry of Transportation will conduct more rapid tests at the border. What is obligatory is between Bali and Java, and Java and Sumatra. This was disclosed by the Minister of Transportation Budi Karya Sumadi.

This testing is very important in order to prevent the spread of corona to villages and cities. In addition, in the DKI Jakarta area, people who want to return must show a corona-free certificate. This rule has been implemented since D + 1 Eid, so that Jakarta will no longer be an area with a red zone.

Apart from the homecoming cluster, the increasing number of corona patients is also from the family cluster. Because if you don’t go home but stay in touch directly but don’t comply with health protocols, you will be lying. Because right now we can suspect everyone because they have the potential to become OTG. So Eid should be at home and eid greetings are sent via cellphone only.

The tourist cluster must also be watched out for. A number of recreational areas, such as Ragunan Zoo, TMII, and Ancol, were immediately filled with visitors. Indeed they want to unwind because stress cannot go home. But don’t be negligent and end up creating a new cluster. Because visitors play water and don’t keep their distance, and are lazy to wear masks.

There needs to be firm action from the covid-19 task force team to discipline them, so that they adhere to health protocols when traveling. Even though the management has arranged for a maximum of 50% visitors, people who enter must wear a mask and don’t take it off, even if it’s only for 5 minutes. They also have to wash their hands and keep their distance.

It’s strange when many people don’t want to get corona but they violate the rules, even though it’s been forbidden to go home and come or make open houses . There should not be a tourism cluster and we all have to adhere to health protocols. All of these rules are made for the good of the people themselves, so they must be obeyed so that no one gets corona .

) * The author is a citizen living in Bogor

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