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Beware of the New Covid-19 Cluster


By Aditya Akbar) *

The corona attack is getting crazy and people are asked to be more vigilant, because more and more clusters have sprung up. Starting from office clusters to market clusters, all are very dangerous. Because the community seems amnesia that currently it is still a pandemic, so they forget health protocols and ignore physical distancing.

For a year, we were shadowed by a nightmare called the Covid-19 pandemic. As long as the pandemic is not over, this virus mutates to become more virulent. Surprisingly, in the midst of news about the mutation of the virus, the public deliberately violated health protocols, thus forming a new corona cluster.

Siti Nadia Tirmizi from the Ministry of Health stated that the formation of the new corona cluster was because people neglected health protocols. In that sense, protocol is not a rule on paper, but must be carried out in everyday life. Because no one wants to get corona, right?

The first cluster is an office cluster. According to data from the Jakarta covid-19 task force team, more than 70 offices became the new corona cluster and the number of patients was 2 times higher than last month. The community is certainly shocked because they just ended work from home and they returned to the office, instead a new cluster was formed.

Office clusters are certainly very dangerous because they can spread into family clusters, because workers who are infected from OTG will carry the virus to their children and wives. Therefore, the office clusters must be cleared, by closing the office for 14 days and spraying disinfectant.

After that, all employees are not allowed to fully enter, but a maximum of 50%, so that there is physical distancing. The rest of the employees do work at home, aka work from home, then the following week it rotates to work from office. Those who work are also required to wear a mask and they cannot be removed at all, except when eating. This precaution must be done so that there are no further victims.

The new cluster that is also formed is an open joint cluster. In the month of fasting, breaking together is common in the community. However, they forget that it is currently a pandemic, and guests who are invited to have a meal could be OTG status. When they break the fast, they will automatically remove their masks and spread droplets, thus spreading the Covid-19 virus.

Especially if breaking the fast together in public places such as restaurants, the spread of corona will be even more widespread. Because the victims are not only visitors who eat there, but also waiters, cashiers, and restaurant employees. Those who don’t know if they have the covid-19 virus, then accidentally pass it on to their family at home.

Another worrying cluster is the market cluster. As we know, before Eid, many are hunting for new clothes and accessories in markets such as Tanah Abang. After the THR was dropped, they went straight to the market and bought Muslim clothes, headscarves, mukena, shoes, etc.

Unfortunately, visitors are too eager to shop and are willing to jostle the market. Of course this violates the physical disctancing health protocol. To prevent the expansion of the clusters, restrictions on market visitors will be made so as not to cause crowds.

This new corona cluster is certainly equally pathetic because it shows that the public has still not followed health protocols. Don’t forget to wear a mask, not just for fear of being caught by the authorities. Also always wash your hands and bring a hand sanitizer and keep a minimum distance of 1 meter.

Better to prevent than cure. Let us not enter the new corona cluster and try to always comply with health protocols. Avoid crowds and refrain from shopping to the market, because nowadays there are many online shops that offer complete and affordable fashion collections.

) * The author is a contributor to the Pertiwi Institute

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