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Beware of the Spread of Radicalism in Indonesia


By: Ergi Rinaldi *)

Currently, the existence of Radicalism has many entrances both offline and online. So that from the elderly to young people who are still productive, they are quite vulnerable to being exposed to the radicalism virus. The public is urged to remain vigilant about the spread of anti-Pancasila ideology. Radicalism is still considered a common enemy. To deal with this, of course all parties must participate in reducing the spread. Apart from being a cooling system for the hearts of the people and protecting them, religious leaders have an important position in maintaining the diversity and unity of the nation.

Bambang Soesatyo, as chairman of the MPR, said that religious leaders currently have challenges that are not light. In addition to being required to strengthen national ties, religious leaders must also be part of the conditioning of society, nation and state. The former chairman of the DPR who is familiarly called Bamsoet emphasized that inter-religious harmony is the main foundation for the continuity of the Republic of Indonesia. Do not let Indonesia follow countries like the Middle East which are always in conflict with one another. Moreover, conflicts in the name of religion.

He also said that religion should be used to reconcile and enlighten mankind, not as a means of fighting one another. We must understand consciously that there is no religion in the world that teaches radicalism or terrorism. The acts of terror and radical propaganda that have hit the world, including in Indonesia, are not due to the influence of certain religious teachings. However, due to human activity, both individuals and groups are radical and do not want peace.

The presence of radicalism that is able to attract Indonesian citizens to fly to Syria clearly shows that radicalism is able to lead people to hate their homeland and choose to go far from a country that is full of ripah loh jinawi. All parties must be vigilant, especially if there is provocative news containing hate speech or intolerance. When viewed from a religious point of view, the word radicalism can be interpreted as a religious understanding which refers to a very high religious foundation, so that it is not uncommon for followers of these ideologies / sects to use violence against people who have different views / radicals to actualize their religious understanding. accepted by force.

In addition, radicals tend to have a narrow, tough understanding, and always want to correct the views of others that are contrary to their ideology. This is what causes the harmony in social life to be damaged. Worse, they openly recognized themselves as someone who was against Pancasila, and did not want the Indonesian state to stand on the principles of Pancasila. They want to change the Indonesian state order, which is Pancasila, into a caliphate state.

We cannot close our eyes, that in Indonesia there had once appeared organizations that said democracy was haram, so that the solution to the nation’s problems was khilafah. They will also read everything that has become a tradition in Indonesia. An understanding that is incompatible with Pancasila, such as the Caliphate, is a time bomb that allows them to overthrow the legitimate government. Radicals tend to see the government as a group of wrongdoers. They will fry all government policies to smooth the group’s agenda. During a pandemic, for example, when the government advised to worship at home and not in places of worship, radicalists would loudly voice the government’s injustice on their social media pages.

Shaykh Dr Muhammad Adnan Al-Afyouni emphasized that the Prophet Muhammad never killed and always interacted with anyone regardless of religion, be it Jewish or Christian. In fact, Rasulullah has emphasized that they have rights over them. That is, we need each other and cannot be hostile to each other. He actually questioned how they claim to be fighters of Islam, but their behavior is very far from the Islamic character that loves beauty and peace.

It should be noted that the caliphate that is often echoed by radical groups cannot develop in Indonesia because it is contrary to the Indonesian government system that has been mutually agreed upon since Independence in 1945. The ideology of the nation should not need to be debated, Pancasila as the ideology of the Republic of Indonesia has been agreed as a state ideology that is capable of cementing the Indonesian nation from Sabang to Merauke.

*) The author is a Public Policy Observer

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