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Beware of Transmission of Corona Subvariant Centaurus, Obey Prokes


By : Edwin Harahap

Corona subvariant Centaurus has entered Indonesia and the public is asked to be more vigilant, because it is more contagious than other Corona variants. Also obey the health protocols to stay safe from any variant of the Covid-19 virus.

During the pandemic, people indirectly learn about the characteristics of the Covid-19 virus and its variants. The nature of a virus is to mutate because it increases its immunity and attaches to host cells. Corona has mutated into Beta, Gamma, Delta, and finally Omicron variants. While Omicron is still mutating again into a subvariant of Centaurus.

The Centaurus subvariant has been found in Bali and Jakarta, and is transmitted through foreign travelers. This subvarie is more contagious than Delta or other variants, so you should be more careful and maintain a clean and healthy lifestyle. Don’t let there be a spike in severe corona cases in Indonesia, because because of Centaurus there is a 23% increase in corona patients in South Korea.

Doctor Erlina Burhan stated that the Centaurus subvariant corona was more contagious than other subvariants or variants. Centaurus is a subvariant of Omicron so the symptoms are similar. But the difference is that it spreads faster. The public must comply with health protocols to prevent a spike in cases of the Centaurus subvariant corona.

If you don’t want to be infected with the Covid-19 virus, the Omicron subvariant Centaurus variant, you can do it by following health protocols and also carrying out vaccinations. When you want to survive a dangerous disease while it is still a pandemic, you must maintain a healthy and clean lifestyle, including health protocols.

Virologist from the University of Edinburgh, Doctor Eleanor Gaunt, states that the subvariant Centaurus replaces all variants (corona) that are considered infectious, but he does not know for sure the cause. Even Centaurus can penetrate the immune system that humans previously acquired due to natural antibodies from the Covid-19 virus. In a sense, someone who has been infected with Corona can get it again.

Therefore, the public is asked to be wary of Centaurus because it is more powerful in destroying the immunity of the human body, and can infect people who have been Covid-19 patients. The public is also required to memorize the characteristics of being infected with the Centaurus subvariant corona, such as fever, dry cough, fatigue, diarrhea, shortness of breath, anosmia (loss of sense of smell), and nasal congestion.

To prevent transmission of the Centaurus subvariant corona, the way is vaccination and implementing health protocols. It’s a shame that people have started to slack off in implementing health protocols, especially wearing masks. Even though masks are the first protection from corona.

Socialization to wear masks and obey other health protocols such as washing hands, maintaining distance, avoiding crowds, reducing mobility, and others must be encouraged again. The public must be aware that the protocol is a way to avoid corona, especially the Centaurus subvariant. Discipline in carrying out health protocols cannot only be done with punishment, but also rewards.

The punishment system applied by local governments to health protocol violators in the category of forgetting to wear masks is usually social punishment. For example by sweeping public roads, cleaning markets, and various other penalties. However, this social punishment is less effective because the next day there are still people who violate the health protocol again.

Prizes can be given to people who are still disciplined in implementing health protocols. For example, in a school where students and teachers wear masks during class hours until they go home. Meanwhile, the students kept their distance, did not come into direct contact, and were disciplined in washing their hands using antiseptic soap.

The school can receive gifts from the local government, for example in the form of basic necessities for teachers or school equipment for students. This gift is not a gratuity. However, as an appreciation that they are disciplined in implementing health protocols and should be a model school.

Health protocols must be implemented during a pandemic. The whole community is obliged to apply it in everyday life, be it students, teachers, parents, and other parties. Awareness of the discipline of health protocols must be raised again, so as not to be exposed to Centaurus.

The ferocity of Centaurus should not bring victims and increase corona cases in Indonesia. Therefore, the public is again urged to obey health protocols, so as not to get any variants and subvariants of the corona virus. In addition, health protocols also prevent the transmission of viruses and bacteria, so that the body becomes healthier.

The author is a contributor to the Pertiwi institute

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