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Beware of Virus Radicalism Obstructing the Vaccination Process and Handling the Covid-19 Pandemic


By: Galih Firmansyah) *

The Covid-19 pandemic has had tremendous social impacts on society. Boredom, frustration and social panic can provoke exclusive and radical views which can then radicalize society. Therefore, it is important to have a vaccine that can maintain social and cultural immunity so that it is not easily provoked by the radicalism virus.

The General Chairperson of the Al Washliyah Executive Board, KH Yusnar Yusuf Rangkuti, said that radicalism is a teaching of thought that deviates from the true understanding of Islam itself. The existence of thoughts that deviate from Islam is due to understanding the teachings of Islam which are imperfect and not deep.

              So that then seeing other people is not in accordance with his view. This has become a radical understanding.

              During the pandemic, radical groups are suspected of taking advantage of this situation to discredit the government. Narratives that state that the Government failed in dealing with the Covid-19 virus, were manipulated by them to undermine the seriousness of the State in protecting its citizens from the threat of the corona virus.

              Previously, Criminologist from the University of Indonesia (UI) Dr. Mohammad Kemal Dermawan, Msi advised the public to be more selective in choosing existing information and avoid news containing provocations which could certainly harm this nation in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic.

              He said that something like the news of provocation would certainly be more difficult for people with higher social and economic status. Because people of this class have the ability to survive economically that is different from those of people with low social and economic status.

              Kemal also revealed that the public could be invited and advised not to forward the message or news received too quickly, especially if the truth was not proven. According to him, the government can also embrace community leaders to convey this.

              The government itself can actually make various efforts to ward off the spread of provocative information in the community, especially those through the digital world, one way is by activating ‘cyber patrols’. Because technologically, the government through law enforcement officials can conduct ‘cyber patrols’ to secure inciting news content such as hoaxes and provocation.

              Kemal also invited the public not to be easily provoked by the issues that have arisen related to Covid-19. He also asked all citizens to work together with community and religious leaders to work together to ward off the corona virus by following government recommendations to comply with all its policies.

              In addition, he also did not deny the existence of community groups that were easily provoked by provocative news related to the temporary prohibition of worship in places of worship. Even now the church quota is limited to break the chain of transmission of the corona virus.

              Of course, this effort cannot be carried out by the government alone, people who have social media accounts and netizens certainly have a big role in increasing soothing content in an effort to maintain peace against this nation.

              If there is news content or information that incites or invites anarchists or fake news, it is advisable for users to report problem content, contacts or groups to the authorities.

              As people who use the internet on a daily basis, of course we have a role not to add to the chaos of the situation during a pandemic. One of the easiest ways is not to spread information that is provocative and not yet clear. Filter before sharing is a reference we can do while immersed in social media.

In the midst of existing industrial digitization, the millennial group is considered to be the most capable of adapting to all existing developments. They also have better technological literacy than the previous generation.

              Currently more than half of millennial generation live in cities. These circles have broad access to the environment in education, health, information technology and the internet.

              Pandemics are our common problem, so it is fitting that we get involved in fighting the radicalism virus that provokes and hinders the efforts being promoted by the government, moreover vaccinations will begin soon as an effort to end the Covid-19 pandemic .

) * The author is a citizen living in Pati

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