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Change of Status of KPK Employees the Mandate of the Law


By: Alfisyah Dianasari ) *

The transfer of the status of KPK employees to ASN is a mandate of the law , because the legal umbrella is clear. This proves that their change of status is an instruction from the government, not revenge with personal motives. The entire set of tests and processes is compliant and highly objective.

When KPK employees changed their status to state civil servants, it was somewhat surprising because there were allegations of silencing their criticism . Whereas the KPK has always been a state institution, so it is only natural for its employees to become civil servants. In addition, there is a guarantee that these changes will not change the KPK’s ‘madness’ and that they will continue to eradicate corruption.

KPK chairman Firli Bahuri stated that the transfer of the status of KPK employees was a mandate of the law . Because it has been regulated in the 2019 Law on KPK (revised). For this reason, there must be an instrument that regulates the transfer of status from KPK employees to civil servants. In a sense, this change in status is an order of the state, so it must be obeyed.

Firli continued, the term used is transfer, not appointment. Because the two have different meanings and there should be no misunderstanding between KPK employees. If a person is appointed as an ASN, then he / she must be a maximum of 35 years old. Meanwhile, there are many KPK employees who are above him, so the word used is diversion.

Firli’s statement shows that the transition to the status of KPK employees as ASN is in accordance with the law. Because if the PK PK is sure to appoint ASN, it is certain that there will be a lot of KPK employees who do not qualify in terms of age. So that there will be injustice and they will cry because they have lost their source of livelihood.

This regulation also shows that the KPK acted wisely. Because if they insist on age selection, it is feared that many investigators will be filtered and they will have to retire early, because they collide with regulations. The reason is because on average they are over 40 years of age, even they are almost complete duty.

There will be a win-win solution so that senior investigators (who have passed the national insight test) continue to work at the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) and their status is transferred to the state civil apparatus. That way, the KPK will continue to work on and eradicate corruption fiercely and mercilessly, so that there is no gap at all for corruptors in this country.

When senior investigators continue to work at the KPK, even though their status is transferred to become civil servants, it will counter the notion that this change will silence them. In fact, they continue to work honestly and courageously, and the KPK will not be sluggish. Even though the employees become ASN, they do not discriminate if there are high officials who are caught being naughty and committing KKN.

The transfer of the status of KPK employees was not a personal instruction as some people thought. Because there are allegations that the national insight test is only a mode for KPK officials to get rid of certain parties. The proof is that there are more than 1,000 KPK employees, but only 75 people did not pass the selection. So that the number who cannot do the test well is less than 10%.

If there is fraud, it will be regulated that the questions for the national insight test are set as difficult as possible, so that many KPK employees do not pass, so they will be overhauled. However, the test is still run honestly and objectively. So that KPK employees will be transferred to civil servant status with integrity and love for their country.

Hopefully not debating the status of a KPK employee to become a civil servant , because it already has a law as a basis. In addition, the national insight test is also very objective, and it is not only the KPK that makes it. But in collaboration with many other state institutions. So it is certain that this test is appropriate and their status transfer is in accordance with the mandate of the law.

) * The author is a citizen living in Depok

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