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Citizens and Millennials Support Handling the Covid-19 Pandemic Through National Vaccinations


By: Putu Prawira) *

Vaccination Program will soon be held in Indonesia. Citizens and millennial p un actively participate in supporting this national policy in an effort to break the chain of Covid-19 transmission and create collective immunity.

The Indonesian people are waiting for the results of the 3 clinical trials from Sinovac which was conducted in Bandung, West Java. Until finally the Food and Drug Supervisory Agency (BPOM) has announced that the Sinovac vaccine efficacy test in Indonesia is 65.3%.

Based on these results, BPOM finally issued an emergency use authorization for the Covid-19 Sinovac vaccine from China on Monday, January 11.

              Meanwhile, the Indonesian Doctors Association (IDI) supported the implementation of Covid-19 vaccination and asked all parties to stop polemic.

              Chairman of the Indonesian Doctors Association (IDI), Daeng M Faqih, in an online press conference, he invited the public to jointly support vaccinations so that the Covid-19 problem could be ended.

              This support is provided because IDI has monitored and followed all Sinovac vaccine processes and procedures, from clinical trial research to assessment.

              Head of BPOM Penny Lukito also said that the corona virus vaccine developed by China Sinovac Biotech Ltd was safe, even though there were side effects after vaccination. Overall the corona vaccine is safe with the incidence of side effects that are mild to moderate.             

              Penny said the results were an evaluation of the data to support the safety of the corona vaccine from phase three clinical trials in Indonesia, Turkey and Brazil which were monitored for up to three months after the second injection of the second dose.

              He conveyed that these mild effects were in the form of local side effects such as pain, irritation, swelling, muscle pain and fever. Besides that, there are also serious side effects, namely headaches, skin disorders or diarrhea.

              On a different occasion, Millennial Politician Tsamara Amani said that vaccines must become a public good. Therefore there is an obligation and responsibility for the state to provide for all the people. Healthy people will help the country progress. Therefore, PSI appreciates the government’s decision regarding free vaccination.

              He believes that the broad provision of free vaccines will be beneficial for two things, namely people’s health and accelerating economic recovery.

              Previously, Indonesian President Joko Widodo had also stated that the Covid-19 vaccine for the public would be provided free of charge.

              After this announcement, many netizens reacted by tweeting thanks and respect for this policy.

              Nevertheless, Jokowi urged the public to continue implementing 3M’s health protocol for the good of all.

              The government’s hard work in terms of efforts to procure vaccines for the Indonesian people received appreciation from the Central Executive (PP) Pemuda Muhammadiyah. This is because the government, through a cross-ministerial and sectoral joint team, has persistently worked hard to accelerate vaccination for the groups most vulnerable to Covid-19 infection, especially in the public service sector.

              He also welcomed the reports of government visits from Switzerland and the UK by the Minister of BUMN and the Foreign Minister, in which Indonesia received a commitment to procure 100 million vaccines from AstraZeneca Europe.

              Meanwhile, for 2022, the Red and White vaccine from the Eijkman Institute has been tested and ready to be applied.

              Most importantly, according to him, the government must immediately build effective, targeted and systematic public communication so that in the midst of the limited vaccines available in 2020, the public can understand why priority should be given to certain sectors.

Chairman of PP Muhammadiyah Dedi Irawan said that the application of the vaccine must be transparent, no one should be given to people who do not meet the criteria so that it can cause public anger.

The good news regarding this vaccine is of course a positive energy for the people of Indonesia to immediately be released from the Covid-19 Pandemic, because with the recovery of the health sector, the public will automatically restore all sectors.

The government has launched the first phase of the corona vaccine starting from January to April 2021. Budi is targeting the completion of the corona virus vaccination in Indonesia based on the number of vaccines, which will take 3.5 years.

The government program to restore conditions during a pandemic certainly deserves our support, one of the small things we can do is to replace the profile photo with the # readyDiVaksin or #tidakTahutVaksin campaign.

) * The author is a contributor to the Cikini Press Circle and Students

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