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Communication Expert: Students Can Promote Dialogue Without Protests in Responding to Fuel Price Adjustment to Make It More Elegant


JAKARTA – Pelita Harapan University (UPH) Communication Specialist Emrus Sihombing said students can promote dialogue and debate ideas and ideas in responding to the fuel price adjustment that has been determined by the government.
This was revealed by UPH Communicologist Emrus Sihombing in Jakarta.

“Demolah with adults and dialogue, exchanging thoughts and ideas. For example, make a letter requesting dialogue, send it to the president. Hold a meeting and get it covered by the media. So that people can judge which ideas are good. dark,” said Emrus Sihombing.

So far, democracy in Indonesia has not yet matured, because it tends to prioritize emotions. “Students as part of the academic group should express their aspirations more elegantly,” said Emrus.

If the government’s policy regarding fuel price adjustments is continuously responded to with demonstrations or demonstrations, it is feared that stowaway passengers or interest groups who take advantage of the demonstration, said the UPH communication lecturer.

The public, especially students, are advised to be aware of this. Therefore, it is suggested that students can promote dialogue by fighting ideas and ideas so that young intellectuals can continue to uphold democracy without harming other people around them, concluded Emrus.

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