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Community Discipline Key to Emergency PPKM Success


By: Alfisyah Dianasari )*

The community is expected to improve discipline as the key to the success of Emergency PPKM . Without the discipline of the Community Health Protocol ( Prokes ) for Emergency PPKM, the joint handling of Covid- 19 will be in vain.

The policy for the implementation of Emergency Community Activity Restrictions (PPKM) has started from July 3 to 20, 2021. The reason is because after the PSBB, there was a micro PPKM volume 1-2-3 and currently it has changed its name to an emergency PPKM. Changes are not only in terms of the name, but also the rules. This program was deliberately tightened in order to limit the mobility of the community.

Why should PPKM? The reason is because mass mobility has been proven to increase the number of corona patients. The proof is that after the Eid holiday, the number of people infected with the Covid- 19 virus jumped, from 8,000 to more than 20,000 people per day.

Therefore, the community is asked to obey each point in the emergency PPKM. The goal is that there is no increase in the number of Covid patients , and after the PPKM last period it was proven that the number of people affected by the Covid- 19 virus decreased. Don’t even get angry and regret why there should be PPKM and can’t travel freely anywhere.

Understand that PPKM is not the government’s way of confining people in their own homes. Indeed there is a barrier in the border area, but the police on duty are actually saving us. Cause if all wishes traveling , then worry corona will transmit to other areas. Especially if you live in the red zone or want to go to the red zone.

We must be disciplined in obeying the emergency PPKM so that this program is 100% successful. Don’t even go quietly when the officers are careless, because it’s the same as endangering yourself. Especially now that is spreading in the air is the corona delta which is more dangerous because it attacks the body 2 times faster and is powerful. So to be safer, it is better to work at home.

In addition, when PPKM is also required to work from home and the company must obey the rules. If they are not disciplined, they can be warned by the Covid task force team . Do not superiors work from home while employees have to come to work, because it is feared that it will form office clusters. If there is a boss like this, get ready to be fined for violating PPKM.

Why should everyone be disciplined in obeying PPKM? The reason is because if everything is not disciplined it will be chaotic. When mobility increases, the number of corona patients automatically increases, because the virus will be active and spread from one person to another.

Understand the struggle of health workers in hospitals. They are willing to work hard and sacrifice their own safety, in order to treat corona patients. Don’t let the number of Covid patients increase just because you are lazy to obey PPKM and then run out of town or are desperate to go to work.

If you want PPKM to be successful, everyone must be disciplined, whether they are private employees, civil servants, or students. Reduce mobility and stay calm at home. Continue to obey health protocols and never take off your mask when outside the residence. Take care of your immune system by consuming nutritious food and maintaining environmental hygiene.

Emergency PPKM is only valid until July 20, 2021. Be patient and obey every point in this program. The reason is because if everyone is not disciplined and always commits violations, the number of corona patients will increase. As a result, it is predicted that after July 20, 2021, there will be an emergency PPKM for the next episode. Let’s make emergency PPKM a success, for safety and health together.

)* The author is a citizen living in Depok

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