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Community Figures Must Play an Active Role in Mitigating KST


By : Saby Kosay )*

The Separatist Group (KST) is increasingly disturbing the community because it has repeatedly caused riots in Papua. Therefore, community leaders play an active role in dispelling KST and preventing them from hurting the people in Papua.

For decades KST, as OPM subordinates, have been entrenched in Cendrawasih Earth and they have always had the same reason: they want to be independent from Indonesia and they long for justice. To achieve its goals, KST uses various methods, from spreading hoaxes on social media to blatant attacks on residential areas.

The public needs to be aware of KST attacks so that no one else becomes a victim. Papua Police Chief Inspector General Mathius D Fahiri stated that KST is still trying to disrupt public security and order (kamtibmas) in 2023. Therefore he requested that community leaders and religious leaders work together with an active role, to prevent KST attacks.

Inspector General Mathius continued, on average the leaders in Papua are still distant relatives of KST members. Therefore he asked for their help to provide understanding, and to dissuade the separatist group from interfering with development in Papua. Especially in developments that affect the people of Papua.

For several years, KST has tried to disrupt development in Papua by attacking workers on the Trans Papua Road project. Even though there were no casualties, their safety was at stake, and as a solution there was an escort from the security forces.

KST has also attacked workers in Puncak Regency causing fatalities, in March 2022. Even though they are currently repairing a communication tower that is beneficial to the surrounding community. The KST attack hampered development because communication would be hampered and citizens would struggle to get a signal, which is useful for their online business.

Therefore, community leaders are expected to play an active role in dispelling KST attacks. The method is not with violence, but with a communicative approach. Especially when there are figures who are distant relatives or from the same clan/tribe as KST leaders, their voices will be heard more and the separatist group will consider canceling attacks on the community.

As good citizens, community leaders are expected to participate in the success of KST eradication by following instructions from the government or the Regional Police Chief as the government’s representative in Papua. With the appeal from Inspector General Mathius D Fahiri being obeyed, it is hoped that KST will not carry out any more attacks that are detrimental to residents.

Community leaders realized that the KST attacks were very detrimental to society because they hindered development. As in the attack on the Trans Papua Road. The track on the road would take a long time to complete when workers fear KST attacks.

Meanwhile, the youth leader Doni Gobay revealed that peace is the hope of all elements in Papua so that peace is a resolution that must be realized together in 2023.

Doni Gobay continued, regarding organizations that have opposite views (KST), he fully supports the Papua Regional Police to take a special approach. In order to return them back to their true home, namely red and white, of course this is done by synergizing with the government and related institutions.

In a sense, KST has no more supporters because youth leaders and community leaders agree to eradicate the separatist group. Synergy between community leaders, youth leaders, and security forces must be carried out so that KST is quickly disbanded.

Meanwhile, youth leader Yanto Eluay stated that the community must unite in maintaining security and order from KST attacks. Don’t let anyone be influenced by propaganda and hoaxes that are deliberately made by KST members. According to him, there are still people who believe in hoaxes too easily, especially on social media, so they must be warned.

KST does use social media to influence the public and incite them to defect. They create special accounts and spread hoaxes such as sweeping and eradicating the Melanesian race. Although there is no such program. The public is asked to remain calm and not be triggered by hoaxes, which will disrupt the situation.

If there are Papuans who find a hoax that turns out to be made by KST, then report it directly to the cyber police. The IP address will be traced later so that their position will be known. In this way it will be easier to catch KST, because tracking is done with the help of sophisticated technology.

The people of Cendrawasih Earth respect traditional leaders and community leaders and they follow instructions so as not to be triggered by issues that are deliberately raised by KST. If community leaders reject KST, Papuans will follow suit. They understood that KST and OPM made a big mistake, because they wanted to defect and invite the people of Cendrawasih Earth to participate in the movement.

Community leaders and youth leaders are united in dispelling KST with a family approach. They, who still have a kinship, are expected to be able to talk from heart to heart so that KST is persuaded to give up. With the help of Papuan community leaders, it is hoped that the eradication of KST will be easier to carry out.

)* The author is a Papuan student living in Jakarta

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