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Community Rejects Labor Demonstrations May 1, 2021


By: Diah Pitaloka ) * 

There is a ritual every 1st M ei ie labor demonstrations. They celebrated with a long march and rallied, so that his fate was noticed by the government. The problem is, currently it is still a pandemic, so demonstrations are clearly prohibited by the police. This prohibition is reasonable, because during a demonstration it has the potential to cause a new corona cluster.

The Confederation of Indonesian Workers Unions ( KSPI ) is planning to hold large-scale demonstrations to be held in various regions in Indonesia and attended by tens of thousands of workers, May 1, 2021. This labor group plans to (again) protest against the Job Creation Law as well as celebrate Labor Day. They still insist on demonstrating because it has become a tradition every year.

Even though we know for ourselves that a demonstration is an activity that gathers a large number of people, causing a crowd, so it is strictly prohibited. Kombes Tjahjono Saputro, Head of Information and Documentation Services at the PID Bureau of the National Police’s Public Relations Division stated that the National Police had explicitly issued demonstrations until the end of the pandemic.

When there is a ban from the Indonesian police, the workers should obey it. When they are desperate to hold a demonstration on May 1, don’t be emotional when the authorities drive them away. This is not an arrogance, but an effort to prevent the formation of a new corona cluster. Remember that the policeman is a friend of the people and a friend should warn you when something goes wrong.

When there are officials who prohibit demonstrations, it is not a clash between the police and the people. Because it is not workers’ rights that are muzzled, but rather this prohibition saves them from the danger of corona transmission. When the demo came home and got a fever and was infected with the Covid-19 virus, is it really good?

People are also not agree when there is a demo ay day during a pandemic. In that sense, the workers hope to act wisely instead of being insistent and willing to win by themselves, as if by demonstrating they become superheroes . In fact, the demonstration will cause traffic jams everywhere and harm many people. So that they are the ones who will be bullied en masse on social media.

When there is a labor demonstration, the community also rejects it because they have the potential to be exposed to corona as well. When you accidentally come into contact with a demonstrator who is an OTG, the virus will spread everywhere. He communicates with fellow protesters, with bus drivers, drink sellers, etc. So that they accidentally contract it and have the potential to cause a wave 2 corona attack.

This will be very dangerous because Jakarta will return to being a red zone, even though the number of patients has decreased recently. Do not let the fate of Indonesia, like India, be affected by the Covid tsunami, because there are so many corona patients. All of this happened due to indiscipline in adhering to health protocols, in the form of not wearing masks and crowding.

The workers could not defend themselves on the grounds that they were demonstrating wearing masks and complying with other health protocols. In fact, the current rally, most people will remove the mask from the humidity and they can t erkena droplet of OTG. In addition, it will be very difficult to keep your distance when protesting.

Labor demonstrations during a pandemic should be canceled. The reason is, first, workers will be hated by society because they create congestion. Second, currently it is still in its prime so demonstrations are strictly prohibited. Third, there is no point in protesting, because the government will not cancel the Job Creation Law.

It is better for workers to celebrate May Day with positive activities, such as donations or other social activities. Don’t even do a demonstration and then have the potential to get corona and when it gets worse, you will languish. Never mind, no demonstrations. Just a waste of time, effort and money.

) * The author is a contributor to the Pertiwi Institute

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