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Community Security and Order Become a Requirement for the Development of the National Capital (IKN)


By: Gema Iva Kirana )*

Security and order (kamtibmas) is one of the most important conditions for the smooth running of national development, including the development of the Archipelago’s National Capital (IKN). Because everything will go according to plan if it gets the full support of the public.

The development of the National Archipelagic Sciences area is indeed expected to be able to become a motor for driving the acceleration of economic development in all sectors including the micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) sector belonging to the Indonesian people.

It is undeniable that improving the economy is indeed one of the main goals that will continue to be pursued in the archipelago. In this regard, the Head of the IKN Authority, Bambang Susantono emphasized that economic equality is one definite reason why in the end the government decided to move the capital city from DKI Jakarta to East Kalimantan.

He also added that even since the initial stages of development, there have been several positive impacts that continue to be felt by traders around the area of ​​the Nusantara IKN development project. Of course, with an increase in all sectors, especially the economy, this is what the Government of the Republic of Indonesia (RI) really wants.

Bambang Susantono also ensured that the development of the Nusantara IKN would continue to go well according to plan so that the impact later, especially on the economy, would be increasingly felt and getting bigger. In fact, not only for people around the archipelago, but also in Kalimantan and Indonesia as a whole.

This, according to him, is very much in line with the objective of the existence of the National Archipelago IKN, namely to be able to create economic equity and at the same time make Indonesia able to enter high-income countries .

But of course, to be able to achieve this goal is certainly not possible only if it is sought by several parties, maybe even if it is only sought by the government. So from that, it becomes very important to have active participation of the community in their support regarding the development of the National Archipelago’s IKN.

One of the efforts to be able to continue to invite the community to support the IKN Nusantara project has been carried out by the East Kalimantan Regional Police, where they not only accommodate information, criticism, suggestions and also comments from the public regarding security and order, but also discuss the economy in society. as well as efforts to assist business actors in order to increase their competitiveness.

Related to this, North Penajam Paser Police Chief (PPU), AKBP Hendrik Eka Bahalwan said that the area would soon become the Capital City of the Archipelago. Therefore, he hopes that economic growth in 2023 will be even better and emphasizes the importance of discussing political stability and security.

Various ways are also being carried out to be able to continue to increase public awareness of the importance of continuing to maintain stability through ensuring security and order in society. In fact, it is not only related to political instruments, but the Head of the PPU Police stated that his party is now also participating in mobilizing MSME actors and training the community with the same concept, and with this concept the development of IKN becomes much more optimal for the community to feel.

Meanwhile, the Deputy Governor of East Kalimantan, H. Hadi Mulyadi explained that the most important thing is that the existence of the IKN is expected to be able to provide welfare for the community, especially those for the IKN buffer zones. Therefore, according to him, the development of the Nusantara IKN must be well coordinated.

The coordination referred to by the Deputy Governor of East Kalimantan is not only about between the central government, authorities, provinces and city districts, but there must also be well-established coordination with the local community. Because with good coordination that is established, development will be maximized with local workers and provide benefits for local communities.

On the other hand, the Chief Executive of Kompolnas, Benny Jozua Mamoto, has heard a lot of input from the community and also local community leaders, including having gathered a lot of information. Then all of them were discussed, mainly regarding how the situation of Kamtibmas in supporting the development of the National Archipelago’s IKN.

It cannot be denied that one of the requirements for national development to run smoothly is that it is very important that the full support of the whole community is in it. Especially in creating conducive conditions, full of guarantees of security and order. Because if everything is conditioned, then the development will run smoothly and as expected.

)* The author is a contributor to Persada Institute

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