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Community Supports Mutual Cooperation Vaccines


By: Diaz Alawiyah) *
The mutual aid vaccine, aka the independent vaccine, is a fast way to get an injection, so that the body is immune to the covid-19 virus. The community supports this program, because they can be injected without having to queue for a long time at the Puskesmas. That way, group immunity will be formed and Indonesia can quickly be free from pandemic conditions.
The national vaccination program has been started since January 2021. Vaccines will be given free of charge by the government, and injected gradually. Starting from doctors and health workers, then public workers such as teachers, lecturers, etc. People who do not have the status of health workers or teachers of course still have to queue to get the vaccine injection.
To shorten queuing times, the government has launched a mutual cooperation vaccination program. At first the people were shocked, but finally they understood what he meant. Because if you join the national vaccination program, the queue can be a year, or even more. Because the number of Indonesian citizens is around 220 million people.
When there is mutual cooperation vaccination, there is no need to wait for such long queues, because more and more Indonesian citizens are being vaccinated through other routes. They are waiting their turn for the injection at their respective companies, so they don’t have to wait up to 12 months for the injection.
Siti Nadia Tarmizi, spokesperson for the covid-19 vaccination of the Ministry of Health, stated that the company will bear the cost of vaccination. This is required as a form of their responsibility to protect the health of employees. So that people don’t have to worry about having to pay for the vaccine.
Siti added, the company must report it to the Ministry of Health. Because the vaccine injection must be done by an experienced doctor or health worker. In addition, vaccines must be stored at a certain temperature, so they are not easily damaged. The Ministry of Health will notify the mechanism, so that the vaccination process runs smoothly and according to procedures.
Mutual cooperation vaccination is guaranteed safe because the distribution of the vaccine will be regulated by Bio Farma. So that the vaccine obtained is guaranteed to be authentic and already has a BPOM number. Also obliged to have halal status, because the majority of Indonesian citizens are Muslims. The community feels relieved because this vaccine has passed the BPOM test and the MUI halal test.
The community is also grateful for the acceleration of the vaccination program, because they are tired of the gloomy pandemic period. When more people are vaccinated, the sooner this period will end. So that they can continue their life without being overshadowed by the terrible corona attack.
President Jokowi prefers acceleration, so he launched a mutual cooperation vaccination program. When everyone has been vaccinated and the pandemic is over, then it’s time to revive the economy that had collapsed, so that we can be victorious again. So that Indonesia can be free from recession and the threat of financial crisis.
Gotong royong vaccination is also supported by the community because they feel they are being cared for by the government. If the queues get shorter thanks to this program, the more people will be healthy, so that all Indonesian citizens are not afraid of contracting the corona. The mutual cooperation vaccination program shows that the government wants all of its people to be free from the covid-19 virus.
When the community has been vaccinated at the company, they will explain to the officers that they have been injected, and have not participated in the national vaccination program. Because someone can only get the injection 2 times, to get immunity from the corona attack. If more than that is not even allowed, because it violates procedures.
The community is eagerly awaiting mutual aid vaccination, because they want to immediately get immunity from the covid-19 virus. They are relieved that the injection is 100% free, because the company will bear the cost. Vaccines are guaranteed safe, pass the BPOM test, and get halal status.

) * The author is a student contributor to the Press Circle and Cikini Student

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