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Community Supports the Omnibus Law Bill


By: Alfisyah Kumalasari )*

The omnibus law Draft Bill received good reception from the Indonesian people. After it is promulgated into law, the labor regulations will change and employees will receive a large annual bonus. Entrepreneurs also benefit from relaxed investment regulations, so that their business will continue to grow.

In the midst of the corona pandemic, we feel economic inequality. Not only in Indonesia but almost all countries in the world also experience it. To prevent a recession in our country, the government will issue the Omnibus Law Bill shortly, which regulates employment, investment and taxation.

The Omnibus Law is divided into the Job Creation Bill and taxation. The Job Creation Bill has articles that change labor regulations. This change should not be feared because it is guaranteed to be profitable. No wonder many people support it. Because they believe the steps taken by the government will side with the welfare of its people.

One of the articles in the Work Creation Omnibus Law Bill is that there is an annual bonus for workers. The amount is in accordance with the tenure of an employee and a maximum of 8 times the salary. This is a breath of fresh air for the community, because they will get cash from the company and be able to maintain their financial condition even in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The people also benefit because the Work Creation Omnibus Law Bill regulates that if an employee is forced to be laid off, he will not only receive severance pay, but also job loss guarantee (JKP). There will be a sum insured and skills training guarantee. This could be a provision before they start self-employment.

The Omnibus Law Bill also regulates relaxed investment and the ease of bureaucracy in Indonesia. This can attract foreign and local investors to create new projects. If there is a new hotel and building construction, it will automatically require a lot of workers. This is an opportunity for people to leave unemployed status.

Businessmen also benefit from the regulation in this bill, because they can cooperate with investors. If there is an overflow of funds, the business will run smoothly. This cooperation bears sweet fruit and both parties benefit from it. So don’t be skeptical about the Omnibus law bill first, because it has many benefits for all groups.

On the other hand, the taxation Omnibus Law Bill regulates the reduction of income tax and vacation tax. There are even groups of people who are exempt from this tax. This is what makes the people welcome the Omnibus Law Bill because they are not burdened by taxes. Because financial conditions have also worsened due to the corona storm.

So as good citizens, we need to support the Draft Omnibus Law, because it benefits the little people. Do not feel pessimistic about changes to the labor and tax laws, because the government has carefully considered them. All these rules are designed for the happiness of the people.

Minister Airlangga Hartarto stated that the Omnibus Law Bill had been approved by the Indonesian Parliament. So it remains only to wait a moment longer for it to be inaugurated. While waiting, we can read the draft bill and examine its contents. All changes there were made to adapt to the times and so that the people’s financial condition would improve.

The government has intensified the socialization of the Omnibus law Bill so that there are no misunderstandings with the community. The people really need to be informed about the contents of the bill so that they do not fall into and believe in hoax news about the omnibus law. So all parties can understand each other.

The Omnibus law Bill will benefit many groups, both the general public, entrepreneurs, as well as foreign and local investors. The labor regulations in the bill can bring attention to all parties. In addition, the tax omnibus law bill also eases the people and their nominal taxes are reduced.

)* The author is a contributor to the Cikini Press Circle and Students

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