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Condemn The KST Papua’s Terror Action ahead of PON XX


By: Moses Waker

The public condemns the terror attack by the Separatist and Terrorist Group (KST) ahead of the XX National Sports Week (PON) in Papua. The community also supports the TNI/Polri’s firm action against these groups.

Ahead of the XX PON, security is being tightened so that there are no riots that interfere with the opening. The officers are more diligent in guarding and anticipating, so that no KST or KNPB members will disrupt the event. PON XX must be 100% successful and must not be disbanded because of the actions of separatist groups.

For the first time, PON was held in Papua. No wonder the community was so enthusiastic and wanted this event to run smoothly. The election of Papua as the host is a gift, because the people of Earth of Cendrawasih are trusted by the central government.

But unfortunately ahead of the opening of the PON on October 2, 2021, there are several threats, both from KST (separatist and terrorist groups) and KNPB (National Committee for the Liberation of West Papua). They are predicted to disrupt the PON, because they seek attention from the international community. The reason is because they want to be independent and then want to get support from other countries.

The first attack was carried out by the KNPB which held a demonstration last August. The demonstration that took place in Jayapura was chaotic, because there were demonstrators who were determined to beat the officers. This event was immediately dismissed by the officers, because it violated PPKM level 4, and indeed demonstrations during the pandemic were not allowed. Prior to PON, any dangerous activity, including demonstrations, must be prevented immediately.

In addition to KNPB, KST also acted again by attacking Posramil in Maybrat. In this tragic incident, 4 TNI soldiers died in their duties. KST acted cunningly by attacking in the early hours of the morning resulting in casualties. The community immediately criticized KST and hoped that they would be quickly disbanded, and its members arrested by the Nemangkawi Task Force.

To anticipate that KST and KNPB will not throw another tantrum ahead of the XX PON, various strategies are held. The Head of Public Relations of the Papuan Police, Kombes Ahmad Musthofa Kamal, stated that the Directorate of General Criminal Investigation of the Papuan Police anticipates every worst possibility and ensures that there are no riots before and after the XX PON.

Kombes Ahmad continued, the main threat in Papua is interference from KST, and it is also necessary to anticipate demonstrations ridden by KNPB. They want to thwart or create chaos when the XX PON is held. There will be anticipation with a city security system simulation program.

With this simulation, it is hoped that the conditions in Papua and West Papua will be more conducive. Raids will be frequent and security will be tightened, thus minimizing the risk. Don’t let you KST members pass and mess up the competitions during PON XX.

Raids are very important because they prevent KST members from wandering the streets or near the XX PON arena. Do not let them wander around and create terror in the community, and interfere with the preparations for the opening of the PON. All disturbances must be anticipated, so that later PON XX runs smoothly.

Besides KST, we are also aware that there will be a further demo. The problem is, these demonstrations protested the government’s policies but were eventually picked up by the KNPB. In fact, they can provoke and then invite angry demonstrators to join in liberating Papua. Very deviated from the purpose of the demonstration at first.

The KST attack should be used as a warning, so that there are no further events that could disrupt the preparations for PON XX. The apparatus is getting stricter in patrolling, so that later PON will run without problems. The safety of athletes and officials from other provinces must be prioritized.

PON XX is only a few weeks away and the officials in Papua are increasingly diligent in conducting raids. The goal is that there are no terrorist groups who want to disrupt this event. When Papua was appointed as the host, the apparatus was fully committed to making this competition well organized.

The author is a Papuan student living in Bali

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