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Condemns KST’s Heinous Actions Injuring Toddlers and Healthcare Workers


The separatist and terrorist group (KST) went beyond their limits by taking the life of a health worker (nakes) and injuring a toddler. KST’s heinous act angered the community and supported law enforcement against the gang.

One of the chronic problems in Papua is the separatist and terrorist groups, which together with the independent Papuan organizations spread terror on the earth of paradise. KST still wants to defect and does everything he can to achieve his ambitions, including violence.

On March 31, 2022 at 6.15 WIT, a bloody incident occurred in Yalimo District, when KST shot a midwife named Sri Lestari Indah Putri. In that tragic incident, Sri’s husband, Sertu Eka Hasugian, also died after being shot. Not only that, their children who are still toddlers are also persecuted.

Wakapendam XVII Cendrawasih Lt. Col. Inf. Candra Kurniawan stated, “The toddler, who is Sertu Eka’s son, had his finger cut off. It is not yet known who committed the heinous act (name of KST member). Currently, the witnesses are still being questioned at the Yalimo Police Station.

KST’s ferocity made people very angry because they had the heart to kill a TNI soldier. After all, the police are friends of the people. Apart from that, they are also crazy about killing his wife who is a health worker. In fact, midwives really need their skills because they often help mothers in Yalimo who are about to give birth. The late Sri also helped the refugees to keep them healthy.

KST’s abomination of cutting a toddler’s finger is also beyond reason. Indeed, he is still alive but his fingers can’t grow anymore, and later it will be difficult when learning to eat alone, write, and others. It is very sad for the toddler, who has become an orphan and has to face the fact that he is a disabled person.

The public condemned the cruelty of KST for cutting off a child’s finger. Indeed, once upon a time there was a ritual of cutting finger joints for indigenous Papuans as a form of sadness if a family member died. However, the toddler should not be counted, because he is not a native Papuan, because his parents are immigrants. After all, such rituals no longer exist in the modern era like now.

The shooting of the health workers is also very unfortunate because their strength is very much needed. If the hospital is far away, it is the midwife who comes to the mother’s house and will help until she gives birth safely. If there is no midwife, what will happen to the mothers? It would be a shame to have to look for other health workers from faraway areas.

In addition, the role of midwives on Earth of Cendrawasih is not only to help give birth, but also to help with treatment. When a health worker is killed because she is a soldier’s wife, how sad. KST has committed a very big sin for killing many people and making Papuans miserable.

The community hopes that KST will be arrested soon and that law enforcement will be carried out fairly. This is a case of premeditated murder and carries a maximum sentence of life, even the death penalty, depending on the judge’s discretion. The officers are looking for more KST members so that they will no longer disturb the public.

The cruelty of KST was outrageous because it had the heart to kill a TNI soldier, his wife who is a midwife, and injure their child’s finger. If a health worker dies, the community is very sad because their energy and skills are needed. The community fully supports the arrest of KST so that it will no longer create chaos in Papua.

Rebeca Marian, the writer is a Papuan student living in Jakarta

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