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Corona Still Dangerous, People Must Obey Health Protocol


By: Ahmad Zarkasih) *

The corona virus is still present in Indonesia, but unfortunately the level of public discipline has decreased. More and more people are not wearing masks and are lazy to wash their hands, even though the situation outside is not 100% safe. The community must still obey the health protocol so as not to add patients and create new corona clusters.

We have passed the pandemic for 4 months and corona patients continue to grow. According to the latest data obtained by the Co-19 handling task force team, the number of patients has been increasing lately. In fact, there were nearly 2,000 corona patients per day.
The number of co-19 patients from Indonesia is the highest compared to other countries in Southeast Asia.
Many hospitals are full of corona patients and to cope with over capacity, asymptomatic people are allowed to be isolated independently. When there is too much to treat, the task of the health workforce increases, and they may become the next patient, due to fatigue. If it continues like this, when can Indonesia be free from corona?

The main cause of the surge in patients is the public’s lack of discipline in complying with health protocols. They are lazy to wear masks for stuffy reasons, or just rely on protection from face shields. Yet according to WHO research, covid-19 virus can be transmitted through dirty and musty air, so we are still required to wear masks.

According to Dr. Reisa, success in an environment in dealing with corona can be achieved when at least 70% of people wear masks. But unfortunately this has been violated a lot. Even though they may not enter public places like banks without masks. Happens to borrow security guards, and this is dangerous because the mask could be a corona contagion.
Office areas must also comply with health protocols such as must be sprayed with disinfectants (especially on door handles and elevator buttons).
All employees are also required to wear masks and they enter the office with a shift system. Some work in offices and the rest work from home. It aims to obey the rules of distance.
Everyone is also obliged to obey this rule. Don’t just wear a mask on a trip, but then take it off at the office. Or for efficiency reasons, all employees must enter the office and they work in their respective cubicles attached. Violations like this that create a new corona kalster in the office area.

To overcome the lack of discipline in the community, the government plans to make a law. Violators receive sanctions or fines when violating health protocols. Fines must be paid at least 150,000 rupiah, as has been imposed in the West Java region, or they are subject to social sanctions in the form of cleaning public places.

Public places such as restaurants and cafes that violate health protocols such as exceeding the capacity of visitors (should be a maximum of 50%) will also be sanctioned if caught by officers. They are also threatened with punishment, namely the closure of the place, when committing an offense more than once. Because it was proven intentionally violated the rules of distance.

Do not consider the rules given by the government cruel, because the punishment is intended to give a deterrent effect to the violators. Because humans prove to be more obedient when given punishment rather than gifts. If the community cannot afford to pay a fine, they can also choose to carry out social punishment. So it doesn’t burden the wallet.

Corona patients are increasing and don’t let us become the next victim. Always adhere to health protocols such as hand washing and wearing masks, because the covid-19 virus can be transmitted via airborne. Don’t be careless by lending a mask or taking it off when you get to the office. Health protocols are made for mutual safety, so time is obeyed.

) * Active writer in the Library of the Institute

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